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Saving the shark through design

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There can be nothing more rewarding than knowing that with everything that you do, your efforts lead to greater awareness of ocean conservation.

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Karen Batts is an eco-conscious designer with a passion for bringing greater awareness to marine conservation. With a creative approach to design, Karen took the nation by storm in 2013 as she became a finalist at Charleston Fashion Week's Emerging Designer Competition in March and then went on to compete in Season 12 of Lifetime's popular 'Project Runway' later in the summer.

Karen takes a philanthropic approach to design and her face lights up when she speaks of her latest endeavor. Last week at Charleston Fashion Week, she was part of the exhibitors with a pop-up shop and one of her garments was a dress with a summer flair and a message in mind. The striped blue and white sharktooth dress has a very noticeable shark bite cutout design. She also has an adorable top and relaxed pant with a shark print design that has history behind it. The shark has always been one of Karen's favorites. Knowing that the shark is threatened and quickly becoming endangered (it could be within 10-20 years based on today's circumstances)as a direct result of shark finning and getting trapped in fishing gear, upsets and disappoints her. As long as the shark's fate continues in this direction, it will have an effect on the entire ecosystem of the ocean. The World Wildlife Foundation has confirmed startling statistics on the extinction of sharks. Half of the world does not even realize what a huge issue this has become.

This is the very idea that fueled and inspired Batts to put out her latest collection with the shark print incorporated into the design. At first glance, you notice the image of the shark coming towards you and the frightening teeth that haunt us. The representation is that of the majestic shark who also conveys an unwittingly strong sense of fear. The design has an asymmetrical element to it giving it a unique beauty. It becomes clear that we all need to have a greater understanding of the sharks need for help.

Because of the urgency of the matter, Karen Batts is donating 10% of the sales from each of the garments of this collection to a non-profit organization that persists in doing their part, Based in New York City, is dedicated to saving sharks, raising awareness and making a difference for this creature and its habitat, the ocean.

Karen believes that it is important that we all share our shark stories. Check out her USA produced clothing on her website and Go.See.Do as you begin to do your part for ocean conservation and build your wardrobe at the same time.