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Satanic crime? On the Moganetsi and Rathazayo murder investigation

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Satanic crime? On the Moganetsi and Rathazayo murder investigation

Johannesburg’s George Khoza Secondary School was were an accused boy went to school; the crime was the alleged murder of two Dobsonville, Soweto girls: Thandeka Moganetsi, 14 yrs and Chwayita Rathazayo, 15 yrs. Recently, the boy was ushered to the crime scene in an apparent attempt to have him point things out.

The crime scene has been referred to as a satanic crime since three black candles and razor blades were found next to the bodies. They had “open wounds on their backs, and cuts on their hands and necks”:

“the girls’ friends…related what they believed was a Satanism-related double murder. They told relatives of Chwayita that one of the girls was allegedly meant to join a satanic group. However, when one refused, they were allegedly sacrificed.”

Occult expert and sociologist, Dr. Kobus Jonker, noted that the black candles are employed toward the summoning of demons and the powers of darkness.

Senior researcher from the Institute for Security Studies, Dr. Chaundré Gould, stated:

“Even if it’s found there is some kind of religious angle to this, and there is no reason to believe this is the case, there is no reason to believe that similar crimes will follow.”

And if you find a bullet hole in a body and a gun next to it, there is no reason to think that they were shot to death—or, something.

“Police spokesman Kay Makhubela said: ‘The inquiry was opened based on suspicion of Satanism and to see if any bodies were buried behind the house’…[police] dug behind the house and found animal bones believed to be those of a dog, as well as an axe and a dagger. He made it clear that no body parts or human bones were found…

Chwaita's aunt, Noxolo Mphati, said…‘The information we got from Chwaita's classmates on Wednesday night is that Chwaita and Thandeka were to be accepted into a Satanic group with markings on their hands made by razor blades…They said the house in which the dog bones were found is the headquarters, where Satanists have their meetings.”

“as the coffins of…Thandeka Moganetsi (15) and Cwayitha Rhathazwayo (16)…descended into their graves, people started fighting, processions were disrupted and the police had to intervene…Relatives, family members, pupils and others attended the emotional ceremony…at Dobsonville Stadium.”

During the service, family and friends noted the satanic nature of the crimes and “police arrested people who were disruptive” since “After the service at the stadium, pupils were told to go home” and “That is when they started disrupting the service, while the pastors were still praying.”

Thandeka’s grandfather, Ruben Williams:

“said Satanism is growing in schools. He said Thandeka had a tattoo of a dollar on her arm, but her arm was burnt to cover it.

‘Thandeka stole our bank cards and withdrew our money even though she didn't have the PIN numbers,’ he said. ‘For six months she didn't go to school, but she still managed to pass.’

He even claimed Thandeka was able to fly over the high wall around their house without touching it.”

Cwayita’s mother, Pheliswa Rhathazwayo:

“said she blames herself for her daughter's death.

‘Cwayita tried to show me the signs of her trouble, but I didn't see them,’ she said.

‘I didn't know that my daughter was targeted by Satan but now I know that Satanism is real.’”


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