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Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson's unexplainable happiness

Fresh from her two nights concert at the Big Dome, Sarah Geronimo is continue to make her fans and followers happy and proud. Her musical variety show on ABS-CBN remains unbeatable when it comes to TV ratings, and because of Gerald Anderson's appearance on her show last Sunday, July 22, I think, Sarah Geronimo will remain firm in the survey.

Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson on 'Sarah G, Live!'
Annaliza Miranda

Gerald's presence on "Sarah G, Live!" as guest co-host of Sarah Geronimo with Luis Manzano two nights ago was a memorable experience to popsters because, they saw Gerald's effort to maintain his composure despite of Sarah's unexplainable happiness. No doubt, Sarah Geronimo was the happiest woman on earth during that night.

Until now, the fans are in the cloud nine and they are looking forward to experience more shuddering moments from Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson. They knew that right after Gerald's appearance, there will be more unexplainable scenes if Sarah and Gerald choose to reveal what they really feel for each other, but the reality is, they have to wait for another chance if the two of them want to reveal their feelings or not.

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