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Sarah Bajc doesn't believe Malaysian plane at bottom of ocean

Malaysian airplane.....where is it?
Malaysian airplane.....where is it?
New York Times

Sarah Bajc, the partner of American passenger Philip Wood, doesn't believe the missing Malaysian aircraft is at the bottom of the ocean, according to CNN. Wood was flying to meet her when the Boeing 777 vanished into the Asian darkness on March 8 under mysterious circumstances.

On Tuesday, Bajc was interviewed by Erin Burnett on CNN regarding her beliefs about the missing plane, according to Mediaite.

"I think the general perception amongst the families is that the timing of those pings is awfully coincidental with the batteries wearing out. So all of us pretty well agree that we will wait until there is the bulk of the plane and the bulk of the bodies discovered and a black box intact. We won't believe that it's final evidence before then," Bajc said, reflecting the skepticism many others have voiced regarding the investigation.

She further said, "We think it was taken by someone for some purpose. I would urge any bystander who has knowledge of what happened to come forward."

General Thomas McInerney has hypothesized the plane was seized by terrorists and flown to a remote airstrip possibly in Pakistan. He also said the plane could be re-fitted with nuclear weapons and possibly used as a terrorist attack weapon against the United States or Israel.

Sarah has remained a devoted partner to Wood, who she believes may still be alive somewhere, possibly as a captive. Eight hours ago on her Facebook page she wrote to him, "Good morning, baby....I am sitting in the morning sunshine watching the magpies reinforce last year's nest in the tree next to our patio. Your empty chair is keeping me company."

While Australia, China, the United States and other countries are pouring millions of dollars into following alleged pings across the bottom of the Indian Ocean, the investigation into a northern route into Pakistan has pretty well been abandoned.

Experts have derided the northern route as a possiblility because of the heavy radar concerntration in that area. However, McInerney has said there were ways whoever was flying MH-370 with three Americans aboard could have avoided the radar.

As the anniversary of Osama Bin Laden's death approaches, McInerney said the abduction of the flight could be connected to that. Legendary Seal Team Six killed Bin Laden and buried his body at sea, according to the U.S. government.

As Bajc and the other family members of the passengers live in a twilight world of uncertainty, many are beginning to wonder if the investigators are doing the right thing by ignoring investigation of the northern route.

As General McInerney has said, the Pakistanis have proved they are not trustworthy in the case of Osama Bin Laden. How was he able to hide all those years under their noses in Pakistan near a military academy?

The so-called experts might do well to not ignore the voice of Sarah Bajc and the others who wonder why they are not expending time and effort into finding the missing plane someplace other than the Indian Ocean.

Philip Wood is fortunate to have such a devoted partner as Sarah Bajc.

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