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Santa Barbara killer’s family ‘staunchly anti-gun’

The narcissistic, privileged son of a Hollywood director, who went on a shooting rampage Friday night in Isla Vista that left seven people, including the attacker, dead and another seven wounded, after evidently killing three people at his home, came from a family that believes in citizen disarmament, the Associated Press is reporting.

Elliot Rodger "selfie" appears to be an accurate snapshot of the bizarre, narcissitic loner's twisted life.
Elliot Rodger/Facebook

Lawyer Alan Shifman, who represents killer Elliot Rodger’s father, director Peter Rodger, “said the family is ‘staunchly against guns’ and supports gun-control laws,” the report revealed.

Curiously, particularly with all the emphasis from people who do support such laws, and who are calling for additional prohibitions based on mental health evaluations, Rodger’s family reportedly had called police “several weeks ago after being alarmed by YouTube videos he posted ‘regarding suicide and the killing of people,’” the New York Post reports “an attorney for the family” revealed.

Unclear at this writing is if the handgun used in the shootings was legally purchased. If so, Rodger would have complied with a host of California laws, including background checks, testing, a 10-day waiting period, one handgun per month, and many others that have earned the state high marks from anti-gun groups.

Not known, but doubtful, is if Rodger had one of the rare permits allowed by Sheriff Bill Brown. In any case, none of those laws stopped him, and the victims he went after were helpless, with the exception of police, who responded, as is generally the case, after he’d started killing unarmed prey.

One other point of interest that has relevance into the bizarre young monster’s social ineptitude can be gleaned from Rodger’s Facebook page, which the demented, evil little monster began in 2009, and which revealed “No friends to show.”

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