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Sandy Hook Crime Scene: who is telling the truth?

Almost from the day of the event at Sandy Hook, Connecticut, some observers pointed out inconsistencies that police should look into.

However, local police seemed to settle on the official story very quickly. And the mainstream media reported only that story. For example, if you search the New York Times website for the phrase “Sandy Hook discrepancies,” you will find zero results for the past year.

Desperately seeking closure: On December 27, 2013, the Times ran a story headlined “Sandy Hook shooting report investigation is said to be over.” According to the story, “The state’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection said the release of the full report was ‘indicative that this State Police criminal investigation is concluded.’”

According to the Times and the state of Connecticut, there’s nothing to see. Move on.

Less than two weeks later, however, the site VeteransToday published a long article titled “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax.” This article basically summarizes all the discrepancies that have been discussed and dissected on the Internet for the past year.

More remarkable—this happened on February 11—was a 43-minute interview with Wolfgang Halbig, a nationally recognized “school safety expert.” He concluded that the event was not real and that no children died that day. For an introduction to this interview, see this short video,

The so-called Sandy Hook discrepancies fall into many separate areas. Normal police and rescue protocols were not followed. No family brought a lawsuit alleging inadequate care for their wounded child. Family members waived their right for a final visitation with the dead. Parents and other participants did not react in a normal way (often called the “no tears” discrepancy). The building was destroyed without the public ever seeing a single crime scene photo. Supposedly there were 800 people in the school that day but there is no video evidence of anyone leaving. The alleged killer, a slight person possibly suffering from Asperger’s, could not carry so much weight or be so effective in shooting his victims. There were several odd mentions (websites, tweets, etc.) of the event before the event. No trauma helicopters appeared that day; ambulances did not line up in front of the school.

In fact, the list of alleged discrepancies is quite long.

The idea that this investigation is over seems premature. Too many questions remain unanswered. Decide for yourself.

For this writer, Sandy Hook is part of a much larger pattern where our schools do not teach facts and our media do not report facts. Students and citizens are not being trained to think for themselves, nor are they being provided the information required for independent thought. Visit the website of the Virginian-Pilot and search the phrase "Sandy Hook discrepancies." You will find no articles. That is probably the case in newspapers across the country.


LATEST: Investment Watch, an investment blog, feels this issue is important enough to publicize Part 2 of the Halbig interview with this headline: "MUST LISTEN: SANDY HOOK INVESTIGATOR THREATENED BY CT. STATE POLICE — FORMER STATE TROOPER DENIED ALL F.O.I.A. INFO!!" (Feb. 16, 2014)


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