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San Diego Comic-Con 2014: Zombie Walk ends with woman hit by car

Zombies say they were peaceful for their walk at Comic-Con.
Zombies say they were peaceful for their walk at Comic-Con.
TMZ / Facebook

A lot of weird things end up happening while at the San Diego Comic-Con, and one of those things happens to be a "Zombie Walk" that is done annually. It didn't end up going so well this year. TMZ reported on July 27, 2014, that a number of the zombies surrounded a car, with a family inside, and began attacking it. The driver did what anyone would do and drove away, but one passerby was in the way.

The San Diego Police Department states that some of the zombies went up to the car during the Zombie Walk and began attacking it. They started pounding on it and even smashed the windshield as it sat stopped at an intersection.

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Inside of the car was a family that included two small children, but the zombies didn't seem to care.

Making matters a bit worse is that all of the family members in the car are deaf, and the attacking zombies scared them. So, the driver floored it to get away and ended up striking a 64-year-old woman while driving off.

The woman was not a part of the Zombie Walk, and she ended up being hospitalized with a broken arm while police tried to figure out all that happened.

Another report from TMZ states that most of the zombies involved in the incident says that the driver of the vehicle is lying. Someone from the Zombie Walk said the driver was beeping his horn and yelling at the zombies to move.

Two people, not dressed as zombies, sat down on the hood of the car to protest and the car pushed up a little. One of the people on the hood began punching at the windshield so the driver took off and accidentally ran over the bystander.

At this time, police have not arrested anyone, but they're still trying to figure out exactly what happened.

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