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RV 201, modification of storage compartments.

Storage compartments with holders for tools and equipment.  Note, storage boxes, tool chest and TV.
Storage compartments with holders for tools and equipment. Note, storage boxes, tool chest and TV.
Bob Gorden

This morning as I sat at my dinette, drinking fresh coffee and eating fresh, homemade, hot, half-wheat bread  (that is another column) I glanced out at my neighbor's Alfa diesel pusher and observed the organization of the basement storage compartments.  In all my years of RVing I have never seen RV compartments that offer the features that Vince and Linda Gemmiti, Phoenix residents, have incorporated into their coach.  Vince is retired after a career as a plant facilities director for a company in Phoenix. He has used his knowledge, skill and creativity to significantly expand and enhance the capacity of several storage compartments.  Certainly his ideas may be modified by any RVer to meet personal requirements in practically any new or used RV, from camping trailer to Prevost.  Further, this is yet another example of what RV engineers and designers might learn from RV users!

In the rear electrical compartment there are clips for holding attachments for 50 and 30 amp and 120 v electrical hookups and plumbing fixtures.  In the side compartments, shown in the photo, there are clips for holding a wide variety of tools.  Within the compartments everything has a place, including a small TV and DVD player, that serves as an outdoor entertainment center.

The clips are specifically placed for each item and are held in place using self-tapping screws into the door of the compartment. 

While recognizing that RVers have differing needs, equipment and items to be stored, it is a lesson in organization to see these options and the potential for more effective use of the RV storage compartments. 

Also,  Vince has mounted a spare wheel and tire for the motorhome on the rear of his Toad, because most RVs do not have space for a spare tire on the RV.  He is now in the process of moving the diesel engine fuel filter to a much more accessible location so that it can be easily serviced as directed by the manufacturer.  The RV manufacturer has placed the filter far under the engine, making it necessary to crawl under the coach to reach the filter. 

What modifications have you made to your RV that might be used by other RVers?  Please let us know in the comments section.  Thank you.


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