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Russians ratcheting up the rhetoric

What good is this, Dmitry Kiselyov making threatening remarks, first attacking gays and now attacking the entire US with remarks about blowing us away?

Dmitry Kiselyov, Putin mouthpiece -

It is the actions and not words that speak the loudest. When the entire free world stands up to bully Russia and the government regime, it is going to hurt all Russians in their pocketbooks. If they liked the good old days of the USSR, Russia is doing good job of turning back the clock for themselves.

The aggressive antics of invading the Ukraine Crimean region and supporting a referendum to secede from the Ukraine that are violations of international law is being met by sanctions. Russia is unifying Europe and NATO.

Dmitry Kiselyov is apparently like some version of a Fox News character.

“TV anchor: Russia can turn U.S. 'into radioactive dust'
David Jackson, USA TODAY9:57 a.m. EDT March 17, 2014

You know things are tense when people start talking about nuclear war.

A Russian television anchor has raised global eyebrows by noting in a commentary that Russia is "the only country in the world capable of turning the USA into radioactive dust."

Speaking on the Rossiya 1 news channel, Dmitry Kiselyov — who has supporters in the Kremlin — delivered a diatribe against critics of the Ukraine incursion with a picture of a mushroom cloud behind him.”

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