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Russian lawmakers push to prosecute Mikhail Gorbachev for treason

Members of Russia's parliament announced on Thursday that they are seeking a full-blown investigation and prosecution of the former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev for allegedly breaking up the Soviet Empire after his defeat in Afghanistan, according to Russia's newspaper, Pravda.

At 83, Gorbachev may still find himself standing before a Russian criminal court.

The Russian lawmakers claim that Gorbachev's actions amounted to treasonous behavior and that he should face Russian justice, British newspapers reported.

Complaining about recent incidents including the current crisis between Russian and the former Soviet country, Ukraine, Deputy Director of the Communist Party Ivan Nikitchuk and five other Members of Parliament (MPs) urged that nation's prosecutor general to examine Gorbachev's actions -- and inactions -- that led to the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the USSR.

Nikitchuk in particular is pushing hard for the Russian government to go forward with the prosecution of the now 83-year-old Soviet leader saying it was the man known as Gorby to Americans who helped destroy the Soviet Union and when the USSR fell apart in 1991, a majority of Russia's citizens opposed it.

While Gorbachev was beloved by the U.S. news media and the American progressives, he did seek to preserve the power of the USSR, but that was ended when his war-weary nation allowed one province after another to secede from the Soviet bloc, including the nations behind the figurative Iron Curtain.

The consequences of that destruction can be felt today in the conflicts that we have seen,” Nikitchuk told reporters.

What is happening in Ukraine can happen in Russia, too. This pushed us to write to the prosecutor general, so that professional lawyers rather than historians can investigate the events of 1991,” he said.

While previous attempts to investigate and prosecute Gorbachev failed, this latest attempt is backed by members of the nation's largest political party, Vladimir Putin's United Russia.

According to historians, the USSR officially ended in December 1991. That month Russia along with Ukraine and Belarus signed the Belavezha treaty that sounded the death knell of the Evil Empire. Just 15 days later, Gorbachev resigned.

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