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Rush live album 'Spirit of the Airwaves' set for March release

Rush 1980 live set 'Spirit of the Airwaves' set for March release
Rush 1980 live set 'Spirit of the Airwaves' set for March release
Wikimedia Commons/Smokin

Rush fans can look forward to a vintage live album from the legendary Canuck prog-rockers in March.

According to an article posted Jan. 25 at, the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees' 1980 gig in St. Louis, Mo. at Kiel Auditorium, recorded for radio during the power trio's extensive Permanent Waves Tour, will finally be released on CD and vinyl.

Titled 'Spirit of the Airways,' the sixteen-track live set will hit shelves in Europe on March 10 and will be available in Canada and the U.S. as an import on March 18.

See below for a full track listing.

The CD is available for pre-order in Canada at and in the U.S at

'Spirit of the Airwaves' was initially released in Europe only as a digital download last month on iTunes and had previously only been available as a bootleg.

The veteran rockers released a live DVD/Blu-ray/CD last month, titled "Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour," which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Music Video chart for the week of Dec. 7 and will release a new comic book series based on the legendary their critically acclaimed concept album "Clockwork Angels," which will hit shelves in March.

Rush are currently holding down top spot among Ultimate Classic Rock Awards 2014 nominees, ranked first in three categories and second place in another.

Fans can still cast their votes at until Feb. 11.

'Spirit of the Airwaves' track listing:
1. 2112: Overture 4:36
2. The Temples of Syrinx 2:16
3. Discovery 0:30
4. Presentation 2:35
5. Soliloquy 2:25
6. Grand Finale 2:29
7. By-Tor and the Snow Dog 5:14
8. Xanadu 12:17
9. The Spirit of Radio 5:19
10. Natural Science 8:24
11. Beneath, Between, Behind 2:29
12. Working Man 3:30
13. Finding My Way Intro 0:23
14. Anthem 1:40
15. Bastille Day 1:28
16. In the Mood 2:39
17. Drum Solo 5:

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