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Rush Limbaugh cheers Hobby Lobby ruling, tells women stop doing a certain thing

Rush Limbaugh today offered free and unsolicited advice on his radio show. Limbaugh offered the "ultimate" solution to women who don't like the United States Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby case, according to a transcript of the radio program. Rush Limbaugh is advising women who lack contraceptive coverage: "Don't do a 'certain' thing." That's right, Limbaugh is advising women to abstain from sex, but said it in such a carefully worded, sensitive manner. But the advice was no less ridiculous.

Rush Limbaugh
Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

This is not the first time that Rush Limbaugh caused quite a stir a couple of years ago, when he called Sandra Fluke a "slut," for wanting to testify before a House Committee on government rules requiring employers to offer insurance coverage for contraception. Fluke was denied having her voice heard by the infamous Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Rep. Darrell Issa. The issue that Issa refused to hear, but Limbaugh was more than willing to weigh in. Today on his radio show Limbaugh offered a simple solution and tried not to be as blunt as he was when he called Fluke a "slut."

Limbaugh slams Fluke on his show, claiming that she is asking the government to subsidize her sex life. "What does that make her?" he asks. "It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She's having so much sex she can't afford contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex."

Amid a chorus of criticism, Limbaugh doubles down: "If we are going to pay for your contraceptives, thus pay for you to have sex, we want something for it, and I'll tell you what it is: We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch."

For those remarks, Limbaugh apologized. This time it is different since he didn't get explicit in "doing this certain thing."

The tone was still there, like his infamous attack on Sandra Fluke. Limbaugh defended the United States Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, though he did not name any specific names this time. Although he did single out the one person Republicans and conservatives fear the most, Hillary Clinton. Of course, Clinton denounced the decision that closely-held companies deny employees coverage for birth control.

Limbaugh asked, “When did birth control pills become so important to the human condition the federal government requires every insurance policy to cover them?" Limbaugh noted that eye exams and dental work are not covered under the Affordable Care Act, but contraception is. "Which is worse, to go blind from lack of regular eye exams or to get pregnant?"

No he didn't.

"Pregnancy is something that you have to do to cause," he said. "It doesn’t just happen to you while you’re walking down the street, except in this case of sexual abuse."

"But in the normal, everyday flow of events, pregnancy requires action that has consequences," he continued. "Yet we treat it as a great imposition that women need to be protected from. It’s a sickness, it’s a disease, it’s whatever, and there’s got to be a pill for it. And yet they wouldn’t have the problem if they didn’t do a certain thing. It’s that simple."

Limbaugh’s message to women: don’t do that "certain thing." Don't do it and you won't need it, says Limbaugh.

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