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Runs on Borderlands 2, Angry Birds, classic Q*bert up for Best of 2012 honors

Three marathon video game runs are in contention for RecordSetter's Best of 2012 honors, and Facebook votes will help determine if any of them end up in the recordkeeping website's Top Ten Records of 2012 page. Only five of the 25 records up for voting will make the list.

Three gaming records are in contention for RecordSetter's Best of 2012 honors

Voting is ongoing as of this writing and ends at 12pm EST on Friday, November 30. Five voters at random will win a free copy of The RecordSetter Book of World Records.

Matt Siegfried was determined to be the first in the world to reach Level 50 on the red-hot Borderlands 2, so he sat down right after the midnight release and aimed to do so. With the Gearbox Software team watching his live broadcast, Siegfried completed his journey in only 43 hours, 15 minutes and 23 seconds, less than half the time developer interviews said it should take to do so.

As of press time, Siegfried's run was in need of votes to have a chance at reaching the top five. It can be voted for at this link: Fastest Time To Reach Level 50 in Borderlands 2.

Ward Versonnen and Sirdan Dalle of Belgium are also in contention for their 48 hour marathon play on Angry Birds, done during Compu-Trade's Computer Discovery Days event.

As of press time, the Angry Birds run had a comfortable number of votes and a solid chance of being within the top five. It can be voted for at this link: Longest Angry Birds Marathon.

Florida's Ed Heemskerk is also up for Best of 2012 honors with his 68.5 hour run on the classic Q*bert arcade video game. Broadcast live via streaming broadcast, Heemskerk's run is the longest confirmed run ever on an arcade game and received a great deal of mainstream press.

As of press time, Heemskerk's multi-day run is well behind in voting and will need a great deal of support to hop into the top five. It can be voted for here: Longest Single-Credit Session of An Arcade Game.

This space will follow up after voting is complete should any of these records receive Best of 2012 honors.


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