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Rumor: Sony scrambling to ensure video capture devices work on the PlayStation 4

No external video capture on the Playstation 4 would be a very poor foresight on Sony's part.
No external video capture on the Playstation 4 would be a very poor foresight on Sony's part.
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Earlier this week a rumor quickly gained momentum regarding Sony's PlayStation 4 and High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). With said rumor came great backlash from fans having worry about the inability to capture gameplay via external capture cards, something Sony's largest competitor, Microsoft, has enabled with the Xbox One.

Well, regardless of what some manufactures of these external capture devices have said (see here), there may be some weight to these rumors, as a source has informed us that as of right now, there is no way to capture video from the PlayStation 4 without some form of license or HDCP stripper.

Sony don't have provisions for capture devices with PS4 right now. They are supposedly scrambling to ensure this works via an update. Doesn't know when that will be, though.

When asked if you would be able to capture video at launch on the Playstation 4, the answer was clear.

Unless they push through an update that turns off HDCP while gaming, you won't be able to.

Floored by this misstep in what seemed to be a very thought out development process, the source continued:

I think they didn't expect Microsoft to enable the feature on the X1. They really wanted to push the share feature. They scored a point with having a longer recording buffer than X1, but didn't anticipate the HDCP backlash would grow.

This would actually make sense, as even Shuhei Yoshida couldn't outright deny the claims, nor confirm that external capture devices would work.

We'd like to keep gamers happy and are considering every possibility regarding PS4's gameplay capture. We'll update you as soon as ready.

This is very unlike Sony as of late, who has made a very strong effort to erase any negative connotations regarding the PlayStation 4 as early as possible. But as he even said, it looks like we will get an official update from Sony regarding this. Regardless though, this all must stand as rumor until that official response from Sony, so please take everything with a grain of much needed salt.

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