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Rugged Ridge smooths the way for off-roaders with its trail Access Program

The company has awarded six grants totaling more than $27,000 to non-profit off-road organizations.
The company has awarded six grants totaling more than $27,000 to non-profit off-road organizations.
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Omix-ADA division Rugged Ridge of Suwanee, Ga., has announced the first 6 grant recipients for its Trail Access Program. The program,launched last November is dedicated to helping non-profit off-road groups “advance the interests of hobbyists, including keeping recreational trails open on public land.” The company is the largest manufacturer and supplier of jeep parts, and has been “keeping 4WD vehicles propelling down highways, back roads and some of the world’s toughest terrain for more than 10 years.”

“These six grants will go a long way toward protecting and maintaining public OHV trails across America,” said Dave Logan, program coordinator and product manager at Omix-ADA. “Rugged Ridge is pleased to have approved these first grant applications through our Trail Access Program and we look forward to supporting additional organizations in the future to help advance the off-road hobby. The money can be used for education, stewardship, litigation, or any other activity advocating the conservation of public land and access to recreational trails.”

This year’s grants, totaling more than $27,000 are being presented to the following designees: Stay the Trail, run by the Responsible Recreation Foundation, dedicated to encouraging the responsible use of the roads and trails that are open to motorized recreation in Colorado; The Colorado Association of 4WD Clubs, aA not-for-profit umbrella organization of 4-wheel drive clubs in the state created tolobby for legislation regulating access to areas and trails for 4WD outdoor recreation and to promote responsible land stewardship through conservation, education and safety there; Evironmentalists Colorado OHV Coalition, which advocates and promotes the responsible use and conservation of public lands and natural resources to preserve the aesthetic and recreational qualities of the outdoors for future generations; National non-profit trade association of motorized off-road businesses the Off-Road Business Association, developed to promote and preserve off-road recreation; the New Mexico OHV Association, a statewide nonprofit alliance of motorized off-highway vehicle enthusiasts and organizations dedicated to promoting, protecting and preserving responsible OHV recreation through education, safety training and responsible; and the Blue Ribbon Coalition – A national recreation group that champions responsible recreation and encourages individual environmental stewardship.