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Rose Bowl Parade same-sex marriage

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As we emphasize whenever we write on homosexual issues it is important to dichotomize 1) two homosexuals who are in a loving committed relationship and 2) the homosexual movement.

Such as is the case with the televised to the whole nation during family time during a family event marriage of homosexuals’ Aubrey Loots and Danny Leclair. They not only got married during the Rose Bowl Parade but at, in the parade; on top of a float—front and center. People brought their families out to see marching bands and such, and ended up seeing two grown men kissing each other upon a pedestal.

Now, two homosexuals who are in a loving committed relationship would not make a spectacle of themselves but would be glad to be wed in private. Yet, the homosexual movement is not satisfied to come out of the closet rather, they also want to kick your door down and shove it in your face and down your throat. For the movement it is not enough to overlook or ignore homosexuality rather, you must accept and even endorse it.

Two homosexuals who are in a loving committed relationship and get married would invite you and your family to the wedding; if you did not want to attend then you simply would not. On the other hand, the homosexual movement brings the wedding to you and if you do not want to witness it; you have to forgo your plans to attend the parade, turn off your TV, etc.

Consider, for example, that homosexuals are very grossly overrepresented on television. You will be hard pressed to find one single TV show wherein a homosexual is not a main character, a recurring character or an occasional character. Moreover, homosexuals are virtually exclusively portrayed positively on TV; they are all healthy, smart, well off, happy, etc.

The dichotomy between 1) two homosexuals who are in a loving committed relationship and 2) the homosexual movement is a very important one to keep in mind when tackling this complex and touchy issue.

Just because there are homosexuals who are in a loving committed relationship does not mean that we ought to be forced into silence when the movement wants demands, and gets, that all media very grossly over represent them and represent them positively.


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