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Room for collaboration between patriots and angry Ferguson residents?

Militarized police with armored military vehicles escalated the violence in Ferguson,
Militarized police with armored military vehicles escalated the violence in Ferguson,
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

One thing America does not need is a police state dominated by militarized law enforcement officers. Such a scenario is just as much an aspect of tyranny as a powerful centralized government that dominates the entire society. Such a police state is precisely what the residents of Ferguson, Mo., angered by the shooting of an unarmed young person, are seeking to address and correct. The question is, is there room for collaboration between patriots who also have a big problem with a police state and the residents of Ferguson who believe that the shooting is a consequence of a militarized police force?

Citizens in East St. Louis and Ferguson have a history of clashes with police, at least in recent history. Added to the obvious negativity, distrust, and suspicions of these citizens is the recent militarization of the local police. Those who are already predisposed toward a deep distrust of police believe that the recent militarization has only confirmed their worst suspicions. It hardly serves that cause of peace and good relationships when residents see cops with whom they have had run-ins in the past are now seen wearing military helmets and gear, body armor, and riding around in armored military style vehicles carrying heavy duty fire power. In fact, this is enough to push a volatile situation over the edge into deadly violence in the streets.

Liberty minded citizens have also weighed in on numerous occasions concerning the alarming push by the federal government to arm and equip local police departments with military grade weapons, vehicles, and gear. Granted, in the Ferguson case, too much remains unknown to pass judgment as of yet. It may well turn out that the deceased was engaged in a deadly confrontation with the police officer who shot him. It may also turn out that the police officer in question was too quick on the draw and made a huge mistake. The problem is that this "mistake," if it turns out that's what it was, resulted in the death of a citizen. If this is the case, it is totally unacceptable.

But for obvious reasons it is best for everyone involved to wait until full investigations are complete before passing judgment. There will be plenty enough time for rage and denunciations if it is determined that this killing was the result of an overly eager militarized police. As for now, it is always best to wait until all of the facts are in.

At the same time, however, the residents of Ferguson already have cause for concern. And their concern is shared by liberty oriented citizens all over the country. A militarized police force is a danger to liberty and human life. It is certainly not one of the marks of a free society. Further, the residents of Ferguson must ask themselves some soul searching questions. If the police have such fire power and equipment, is it not also important that ordinary citizens who wish to protect their lives and that of their families and friends also have adequate fire power? Black Americans who survived the Civil Rights Movement during an era when police officers were often members of the KKK by night were able to protect themselves and their families by one thing alone -- firearms. Read the life story of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and you will find the truth about Blacks in Birmingham during the scourge of Police Chief Bull Connor. Rice states that her father and others in their community protected themselves and their families with guns. Had you lived in Birmingham in the 1960s, you would have done the same thing.

Thus, there are some basic concepts that both the patriots and the Black residents of Ferguson, and many other cities, have in common. The right to own and possess a firearm and ammo is one of the most basic. So is the right to be wary of a militarized police and to work toward its dismantling. And citizens always have a right to peacefully assemble, especially to protest actions of the government. Perhaps strong ties can be formed between the liberty patriots and Blacks based upon these core principles. It could turn into a powerful alliance.

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