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Ronnie, a beautiful soul

This week my heart hurts from the loss of a precious fury friend whom I feel honored to have met. His name is Ronnie and he has a beautiful, warm soul, which I’m sure is shining down on us from the heavens now. Ronnie was my boyfriend’s family pet; my boys and I welcomed him with open arms several years ago.

He preferred a bed with a blanket and pillow.
He preferred a bed with a blanket and pillow.
Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC photos
Ronnie, prim and proper!
Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC photo

As I looked out the window thinking about him, his physical stop here on earth and his spiritual journey, the snowflakes fell. It made me curious about the physical life of a raindrop or a snowflake; there has to be more to the life of precipitation. Can it only be a momentary splash of water on the face or the passing cold twinge of a falling snowflake?

With a bit of research, Tanja Meece educated me. In her words, “Water vapor condenses into ice crystals in the clouds. As the ice crystals glide along inside the cloud on its updrafts and downdrafts the crystals gather more water vapor and grow larger. As they do this they become heavier and heavier, which finally leads to their falling from the cloud. Once the crystals, or snowflakes, begin their descent to the ground below their shapes may be altered by how they fall. If they spin as they fall they are more likely to keep a symmetrical shape when they hit the ground. If they aren’t spinning, but falling on their sides, they have lost the symmetrical shapes and become lumpy on landing. These snowflakes are composed of many ice crystals, which also affects the shapes in which they form. The only constant in the formation of a snowflake is that it is always 6-sided, or hexagonal. They finally land on the ground where they form a blanket of snow.”

As this snow melts, it is absorbed and transformed.

I’ll pick the process back up here, with a line from, The life of a Raindrop, as shared on, first-person as a raindrop, “I answer the call of the sun, and I am turned into vapor and brought to the blue sky…” Back into the clouds it goes, and depending on the season, the temperature, this snowflake or raindrop is reborn.

May this analogy help you understand and perhaps soothe your aching heart if you too are suffering the death of a cherished soul. Although this life may seem short-lived, when you look at the full cycle, beyond the physical, there is a realization that energy is fluid and as it changes in form, it is ever flowing.

Yes, my heartaches because of Ronnie’s physical passing, but I find comfort knowing he is no longer in pain and that he still exists energized into his new form.

Goodbye Ronnie, my loyal friend, may you embrace your newfound energy. I know, in time, we will unite once again!

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