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Ronan Farrow support for sister Dylan on Twitter as Woody Allen discredits claim

Ronan Farrow jumped to his older sister Dylan's defense on Twitter. This happened after this Mia Farrow sibling wrote a New York Times open letter about Woody Allen and her perception of his inappropriate actions with Dylan when she was only seven years old.

Ronan Farrow backs up his sister Dylan
Photo by Eugene Gologursky

On Feb. 2, Ronan Farrow wrote "I love and support my sister and think her words speak for themselves."

The 26-year-old brother to the 28-year old Dylan, who now lives in Florida under an assumed name, was vocal about where his loyalties lie even though he is the biological son of Woody Allen.

Meanwhile, Allen has paid no response to Dylan's clams that what he allegedly did to her "haunted" the girl as she few up to become a woman except to say that what Dylan alluded to about him is both "untrue" and "disgraceful."

Ronan's sister Dylan Farrow said in her New York Times open letter that she was "terrified of being touched by men" and claimed to develop both an eating disorder and a cutting habit after being abused by Woody Allen.

And so, as Ronan Farrow shows support for his sister Dylan on Twitter and as Woody Allen discredits Dylan's claim, the whole world is reading about these long-ago events as the topic is trending on a global basis.

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