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Romanek documentary set for release; producers, wife discuss controversies

Stan Romanek

Jon Sumple of j3FILMS stated during a phone call today that a documentary about the story of Stan Romanek would soon be released online. “We expect to make an announcement no later than the end of the week,” Sumple said.

'Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story' explores circumstances surrounding the controversial alleged alien abductee. Sumple and Jack Roth, also of j3FILMS, co-produced the movie, and spoke via telephone today with 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner'.

Sumple explained the film had been in the works for about five years. Both he and Roth were involved with another production company early on that chose to not proceed with the project, prompting Sumple and Roth to continue on their own.

“We want to show the world what Stan has been through,” Sumple stated, adding that it is important for people to understand that although Romanek is the subject of the film, he was not involved in making the movie. Rights to the documentary were negotiated and subsequently obtained from Romanek, paving the way for creation of the film.

Sumple emphasized that j3FILMS is not a ufology outfit or trying to advance an agenda about extraterrestrials. “We wanted to present Stan's experiences and allow viewers to draw their own conclusions,” he explained.

Romanek has long been at the center of controversy. Supporters adamantly accept and promote his claims of abduction and related conspiracies, while critics cite questionable videos and discrepancies in his case as evidence of a hoax. Earlier this year Romanek was arrested and charged with two felony counts of sexual exploitation of a child, according to the Loveland Police Department.

“We were surprised,” Sumple replied when asked about Romanek's arrest.

Based on what the filmmakers observed and what Romanek told them, including circumstances of “computer hacking” and a “home break-in,” Sumple and Roth interpret there to be a strong possibility there may be some truth to allegations of conspiracies and that Romanek may be innocent of the charges. Sumple stated “listening devices” were discovered in the Romanek home on “more than one occasion.”

The co-producers each indicated they were willing to consider the possibility Romanek was set up, but stated they had not attempted to extensively verify claims of evidence that might support such an accusation. Roth suggested someone might be trying to ruin Romanek's reputation, and, when asked who that might be, replied, “That's hard to say.” He added that perhaps covert government operations were involved, and described the situation as complex and very difficult to discern.

Sumple indicated he believes there had long been plenty of evidence of Romanek having been covertly monitored, adding, “It's hard for me to comprehend that someone that knows they were under surveillance would do something so blatantly obvious.”

“I don't want to say that he's innocent, because we don't know that,” Sumple stated further, “but Stan has repeatedly told us that he is not going to plead guilty to something he didn't do.”

“We'll definitely keep an eye on how this story unfolds,” he concluded. The filmmakers anticipate the forthcoming documentary to be of interest to both supporters and critics, providing information of which many people may not currently be aware.

Lisa Romanek, the wife of Stan, was asked via her Twitter account if she would care to provide comment for this article. She replied today, “The release of the film had been a long hard journey, filled with threats that it would never be allowed out. We look forward to the release of j3's film that tells the emotional story of our experiences these past 13 years. We want to thank j3FILMS for not giving up in spite of the threats and high-strangeness. We also thank the people who continue to support us. We stay strong and moving forward because of each of you. I hope that 'Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story' will help many people understand the affects of ET contact.”

Asked to further clarify and be more specific about such threats, Lisa Romanek replied that perhaps j3FILMS could “answer that question about the film.” Sumple was subsequently asked if he or Roth were ever threatened.

“We have never been directly threatened,” Sumple responded by phone today, “but Stan told us that he received a phone call that under no f------ conditions would this film ever see the light of day.” There were additional threats reported, Sumple stated, but again clarified that neither he nor Roth were ever directly threatened.

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