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Rolling Stone advocates death of freedom

Is it still cool to be cool?

What will happen to these trendy young French true believers when America stops massively subsidizing their socialist way of life? (Ref
Fred Dufour/AFP/Getty Images

Is FAIL finally a fail?

Has "jumped the shark" finally jumped the shark?

Is What's Trending still trending?

Has the #Hashtag fad #Ended?

Do people who felt "groovy" in the 1970s still feel groovy?

Slang, jargon, fads, crazes, vogues come and go, and yet people's blind belief that they will actually benefit and be better off under some form of criminal statist collectivist government than they would be living in a free society persists as the most enduring fad of all, spanning multiple generations and societies and countries.

Rolling Stone magazine published an article that, either unwittingly or maliciously, advocates the greatest fad of all: Socialism. They want a mandatory collectivist state4. Make Everything Owned by Everybodywhich always sounds like "the latest coolest thing" to young superficial idealists but which, in the real world, always translates to "The Ruling Class will own everything and everyone."

But everyday starry-eyed collectivist True Believers cannot comprehend that government, by the fact that it must steal from others to exist, exists for the benefit of those who run it to the detriment of those who live in it.

Government is the ultimate Mafia. Whether in the most politically and socially free country or in the most grimly repressive, one fact endures: Fail to pay tribute to the ruling class, in the form of taxes or its equivalent, and the criminals who run government will cage you or kill you.

Yet with all of this incontrovertible evidence extending from the earliest mists of time right through to the present, millions upon millions of people today use an endless array of evasions, denials, excuses, twisted justifications and self-delusions to pretend to themselves that reality isn't reality, that if they can just find a way to magically transform coercion into "not coercion" some form of collectivist government will care more about them than about itself.

There are fundamentally only two socio-political philosophies, collectivism and libertarianism.

Collectivism includes all forms and variations of progressivism, socialism, Marxism, communism, Nazism, fascism and any other ism that coercively places The State above the individual.

Libertarianism includes all forms and variations of voluntaryism, agorism, anarchism, laissez-faire anarcho-capitalism and any other ism that rejects all coercion and places the individual above all else.

Libertarians therefore see collectivists as either naïvely uninformed or consciously evil.

How can it still be cool to be a collectivist?

Required reading for American socialists: Europe's welfare deadbeats thrive thanks to Uncle Sugar.

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