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Robin Williams admits himself to treatment center for addiction intervention

Robin Williams, the celebrity that has brought American laughs and movies that are always worth watching over and over again has admitted himself into the Haxelden Addiction Treatment Center in Minnesota. After multiple bouts of addiction and struggles over the years from alcohol and cocaine he thought it best to keep him on the straight and narrow to participate in their maintenance intervention program.

Sobriety in Robin Williams' life is important!

According to TMZ yesterday Robin will be staying at the treatment center for a few weeks to focus on his commitment to stay sober. Sobriety is an important path in his life which he accomplished for twenty years and then back in 2006 fell off the wagon as they say and needed help getting back on his feet.

The first time Robin Williams decided to quit cold turkey he actually was scared into it. His long time friend John Belushi’s tragic death from the use of drugs gave him the biggest wake-up call one would ever need to focus on their own health issues.

Another factor that he took into consideration was his children; Zelda who is now twenty-four and his son Cody who is twenty-two years old now, but they were quite young when he needed rehabilitation twenty years ago. As a father and a very loving person he wanted to be there for both of them and knew the path he needed to take and checked himself in to battle his substance abuse issues.

Fans are also happy to hear he has the courage to seek intervention to keep himself committed to his promise that he proclaimed when he beat his addition the second time six years ago.

Everyone is wishing Robin Williams the strength to stay alcohol and drug free!

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