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Robert Knight thinks the G.O.P. can win if it runs against evolution

Robert Knight
Robert Knight
Fox News

Despite lopsided poll numbers and a series of embarrassing election losses, Robert Knight of the American Civil Rights Union has been encouraging Republicans to continue to run against gay marriage, abortion rights, and other social issues he believes to be the work of the devil.

The list of Knight's pointless pet peeves has only expanded with every single election lost on these issues. Now he is encouraging Republicans to run against evolution, which he claims is a gateway to Communism and Nazism.

"Evolution is at the core of a left-wing, secular, humanist worldview that has been breathing down everybody's necks in America for years [and telling us that] the best we can do is empower government to make our decisions for us," he told One News Now. "That leads to terrible things like socialism and communism and fascism and Nazism and the more extreme forms of liberalism in this country."

Knight cited a Pew poll which shows a minority of Republicans believing in evolution as reason to run against it.

"The Republicans have a great opportunity to say 'Look, we've witnessed the collapse of a lot of lies that liberals have told over the years, and now we're questioning evolution more than ever as a basis for people's worldviews'," said Knights. "So the dynamics are fascinating – and I think they could add up to an enormous conservative revival in this country."

What Knight neglects to take into account (most likely deliberately) is that a sharp decrease in the number of Republicans who believe in evolution may be best attributed to a sharp decrease in the number of Americans who identify as Republican.

Robert Knight's campaign strategy for the 2014 midterms depends on a perverted fantasy in which only Republicans are counted as real people.

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