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Robert Knight condemns equality

Robert Knight
Robert Knight
Fox News

It's long been known that the Religious Right detests even the very idea that non-Christians may be afforded the same rights as Christians in America, and today, Robert Knight of the American Civil Rights Union has finally come unhinged enough to flat out admit so.

Special thanks goes out to the Satanic Temple, whose petition to build a monument across from Oklahoma's Ten Commandment's monument finally inspired Knight to condemn "the Satanic game of equality."

"The underlying premise behind the Satanic Temple's request is a false claim of equality," he complains. "In the name of this vastly abused concept that once fueled the righteous aims of the civil rights movement, America is awash in moral confusion.

"The Justice Department embraces openly racist policies — in the name of equality. The Internal Revenue Service operates what amounts to an organized theft system in which it seizes earnings from some people and give it to others — in the name of equality. 'Marriages' lacking one entire sex are said to be identical to the real thing — in the name of equality. The Pentagon is pushing female soldiers and Marines toward direct combat — in the name of equality."

Yes Robert. That's how equality works.

The fact that you believe evolution is a lie and Satan is pushing for universal preschool makes you an absolute blight upon the collective conscience of humanity, but as an American citizen, you have every right to express those beliefs if you so choose to.

All that is asked in turn is that you show the same respect for the freedoms of speech and religion to everyone else that are being shown to you.

What about that is so difficult to understand?

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