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Rob Ford: Toronto mayor still drinking according to new video

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is back in the news with the same news that he made headlines with in the recent past. He’s still drinking too much. Ford got caught in an embarrassing video at a fast food restaurant where he slurred his words as he boisterously spoke to the persons who were there, according to an ABC News report on Wednesday. What he was saying wasn’t very clear, but it is quite clear that he hasn’t lived up to his promise to straighten out and fly right – or at least fly without liquor.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford apparently still drinking

Ford called the video, which surfaced on Tuesday, nothing more than a minor setback. He said that his personal life is not affecting his work.

Ford implied that the drinking incident happened Monday by saying that Monday was unfortunate because he had a minor setback. He also claimed that we all experience these difficult bumps in life. He asserted that anyone who says his personal life is impacting city business is talking nonsense.

Last year, Ford admitted to having smoked crack. Toronto’s City Council tried hard to get him to get him out of office. However, he’s not only still the mayor of Toronto – he’s running for office again.

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