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Right wing birthers hold anti-Obama, pro-gun rally on the grassy knoll in Dallas

A right wing protest occurred in Texas this week as pro-gun supporters who believe President Obama was born in Kenya gathered at the grassy knoll in Dallas.

Jared Robertson carries several guns on his body as he listens to speakers at a gun rights rally and march
Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

For those who don't known, the grassy knoll is the spot where many people believe the fatal shot was fired that struck and killed President John F. Kennedy on November 23, 1963. In a twisted form of unity, supporters of open carry gun laws came together in Dealey Plaza in Dallas and recorded a video that they uploaded to YouTube. The Dallas Observer reports that the group, who call themselves "Come and Take It Dallas," brought their kids and guns, while speaking negatively about President Obama. One speaker referred to the president as a "usurper foreigner" who was born in Kenya. The group handed out pro-gun paraphernalia to people in the area.

“We’re worried about foreigners coming over the border. We've got a foreigner as president!...We got a foreigner that was born in Kenya that had an illegal birth certificate as president, and you guys worried about foreigners coming over the border. So, the bottom line is we aren't giving up our guns.”

One speaker continued the rant against "foreigners," who the group believes are in the country to take their guns away.

“We ain't gonna give up our guns...I’m just sick and tired of these foreigners coming in this country, and they don’t have any idea what American freedom is all about.”

To top the rally off, they even had their own preacher who shouted “you are a sinner, you deserve hell,” to people passing by. The group has made stops in other spots around Texas, but to protest gun rights on and around the spot where a president was killed by gun fire is a bit too much, even for those on the right.

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