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Rick Wiles: "Satan launched a D-Day invasion" on U.S. in 2012

Rick Wiles
Rick Wiles

Sorry, your prayers were not answered. The man who insists the World Trade Center towers were destroyed by the Illuminati and President Obama is the fourth beast of the apocalypse didn't finally go away for good.

Rick Wiles back, and he's psychotic as ever.

"Satan launched a D-Day invasion of the United States of America in 2012," he told his listeners on Friday. "When I say 'D-Day,' I mean 'Demon Day invasion.' If you think back to the bizarre way 2012 started, you'll see the makings of a full-scale military-style demonic attack on the body of Christ in this nation. Nothing like it has ever happened in the history of this country."

Oh, this ought to be good. . .

"2012 started with witches conducting nationally televised occult rituals to announce the D-Day invasion," he continued. "I'm referring to the satanic performances of performers such as Nicki Minaj and Madonna on national TV programs in early 2012.

"There was also the dark, sinister opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London ... Now 2012 ended with the illegal re-election of America's illegitimate president, foreign agent Barry Soetoro as the highest official in the land even though placed there illegally because he is a foreign agenda.

"Barry Soetoro embraced and espoused wickedness and rebellion against the one true god of the universe. And the America people's acceptance of him also meant acceptance of his spiritual rebellion against our holy God."

In short, everything Rick Wiles doesn't like is evil.

Gordon Klingenschmitt and he should do a show together. It would be interesting to see how long it takes for one to make a slight offense against the other resulting in them accusing each other of being demon-possessed.

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