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‘RHOBH’ star Lisa Vanderpump leaves Puerto Rico after confrontation

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Vanderpump was shocked when Kyle Richards, Yolanda Foster and Brandi Glanville confronted her about a tabloid story. Brandi claims that Lisa kept putting tabloids with Mauricio’s cheating scandal in Brandi’s back as the women were packing for Palm Springs, and she kept taking the magazines out of her bag, because she didn’t want to share them with Kyle. According to a new Radar Online report published on March 4, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Vanderpump left Puerto Rico without settling any drama with the ladies.

After confronting Lisa in Puerto Rico, Vanderpump packed her bags and left. And it shocked her co-stars. “I just wish that Ken and Lisa didn’t leave like that and confirm what I already thought to be true,” Kyle said. “I need an apology, and I don’t think I’m going to get it.” But it sounds like Yolanda knew that she didn’t want to talk to her about it. “They didn’t want to have the conversations,” Yolanda stated. “It’s very childish to walk away — and it makes you look guilty, even if you’re not,” Joyce added.

However, back home in Beverly Hills, Lisa was upset about what had transpired. In fact, she was shocked that she was being confronted by the other women. “I feel like everything I say is being questioned. I feel they’re all ganging up. It’s really hard. I don’t want to cry,” Lisa said. “I just know I’m being such a good friend. I’ve always defended Brandi and it has been difficult.” She added that she was more upset with Brandi because of the way she handled everything on the trip. “Brandi prides herself for being brutally honest — but it’s more brutal than honest,” Lisa added.

Do you think Lisa leaving proves that she is guilty, or do you think her leaving is a sign that she is tired of the drama?