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Rhinebeck, NY

Beekman Arms
Beekman Arms

The Hudson River Valley is lined with small towns and communities that offer residents and visitors a variety of experiences- from Revolutionary War sites, beautifully maintained farms, historical mansions and estates, to picturesque walking villages. Rhinebeck, NY is one of these villages, located just 60 miles south of Albany. Settled by Dutch immigrants in 1686, Rhinebeck is situated in a historic area of northern Dutchess County, just off the banks of the Hudson River. Its streets are bordered by Victorian buildings, boutiques, restaurants, galleries, and charming homes. Whether you take a stroll for some window shopping or stop off for a glass of wine, Rhinebeck has a lot to offer any visitor. 

The village of Rhinebeck
Jenny deMars

There are many inns and Bed & Breakfasts to stay at if you are looking for a place to stay while touring the region. Beekman Arms & Delamater Inn opened in 1766 and is the oldest inn operating in America. While it has been updated, it still maintains historic fixtures dating back to the Revolutionary War. The inn has a restaurant that serves lunch and dinner year-round, as well as Sunday brunch. The restaurant and inn have hosted famous guests including George Washington, FDR, Neil Armstrong, and Elizabeth Taylor. Behind Beekman Arms is a red barn that houses a mulit-dealer antique market. Regardless of whether or not you stay at the Beekman, it's definitely worth checking out.

Another historical site to explore is Wilderstein. Wilderstein is a beautiful country estate with a history dating back to 1852. Its design aesthetic varies in movement styles and includes Tiffany windows. Tours are available from May until October; admission is $10 for adults and children under $12 are free. The home is surrounded by 40 acres of trails with stunning views of the Hudson River. The grounds are open to the public year-round and there is no cost to explore. 

Beginning on Mother's Day, Rhinebeck holds a farmers market every Sunday through Thanksgiving. The market promotes agricultural products from farms and vendors throughout the river valley. The hours are 10am- 2pm, rain or shine. You can get more information by visiting their website at I find that visiting farmers markets, such as this one, often gives me a lot of insight to the community based on the stories told by vendors who take such pride in their area and what they do. 

While I touched on just a few of the sites worth exploring in Rhinebeck, there are many others. I'd advise you to check out the following websites for more information on this great town and the others just surrounding it in the Hudson River Valley. Whatever you choose to do, I'm sure you'll find Rhinebeck to be a great destination for a weekend day trip. 

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