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Review: Row for the gold in 'Sir Steve Redgrave's River Adventures' for iOS

If you're expecting Moshen's upcoming free iOS game "Sir Steve Redgrave's River Adventures" to be a realistic rowing simulator you'll be out of luck: It eschews realism in favor of fast paced action.

Sir Steve Redgrave's River Adventures screenshots
Sir Steve Redgrave's River Adventures screenshots
Sir Steve Redgrave's River Adventures logo

You'll control the legendary Olympic rower on a quest to collect gold nuggets in ten levels among some of the "most treacherous rivers in the world," where "danger lurks around every corner, with floating logs, rapids, turtles, alligators and piranhas all determined to capsize your plans."

In the first area, Jungle Fever, you'll learn the basic controls of the game as you doge huts, logs, trees, and rocks over the course of five levels. Swiping your finger to the left will make Redgrave row the boat to the left, and right to the right. Swiping up will temporarily increase your speed.

There's only three lanes in the river: Left, middle, and right. For the most part, you'll be weaving back and forth through from the middle to the left or right, although in more challenging levels you'll be moving quickly from the left to the right or vice versa. A couple of checkpoints are in each level, so that you don't need to restart completely every time you crash your boat.

The challenge of the game comes in collecting all of the gold nuggets of each stage while dodging hazards. You'll have to collect all the gold nuggets in the stage to receive a gold medal. Some nuggets are in between two obstacles, which makes you quickly weave in and out.

You'll have to also avoid turtles that swim from side to side, and in the game's second area, Ancient Ruins, the difficulty significantly increases additional enemies, namely the alligator and piranha. The alligator will come straight at you, and the Piranha can go in any direction.

Some levels feature rapids, where your boat will increase in speed - making dodging hazards while still trying to collect all of the gold nuggets even more challenging.

Watch video: "Sir Steve Redgrave's River Adventures" trailer

According to Sir Steve Redgrave:

“Moshen have put the virtual Sir Steve into some really tricky situations and I’m just glad that the real Sir Steve never had to encounter alligators and piranhas during my training days.”

If you're looking for a challenging free to play game that'll keep you entertained for half an hour, it'll do the trick nicely and is perfect for children of all ages.

"Sir Steve Redgrave’s River Adventures" will be available for free on October 18, 2012 and is supported by in-game advertisements, which can be removed for $0.99. Additional adventures, such as "Crushing Canyon," can be bought as in-app purchases.

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