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Rescued puppy mill breeder dog is dying

Brandi, rescued dog
Brandi, rescued dog
Debbie DeSantis

Debbie DeSantis, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist, is doing what she can to undo the wrongs that her rescued dog, "Brandi," has endured.

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DeSantis rescued the gorgeous golden retriever in December 2013; prior to that time, Brandi had been a puppy mill breeding dog. At the time of her rescue, Brandi was suffering from a huge bladder stone and was urinating blood - the stone was removed when Brandi was spayed.

A short time later, while at the veterinarian for another, unrelated malady, something much more sinister than a bladder stone was inoperable tumor in Brandi's heart.

Thanks to the tumor, Brandi's days are numbered...the former breeding dog, who is just five to seven years of age, is undergoing chemotherapy to help extend her life, but even with the medication, she is not expected to have much time.

DeSantis hopes to make what remains of Brandi's life wonderful - she wants to help undo the hurt and neglect that Brandi survived prior to being rescued.

DeSantis wrote the following words to the National Dog News Examiner:

She is not in pain and I am doing all I can to make her life pleasant and happy--however long it is. Your writing about us would mean so much. It would also show how breeding parents suffer. People are NOT saving the puppies they buy; instead, they are having the parents live short lives of misery.

She added a special request to the readers of this with Brandi's bucket list:

Also, anything your dog-loving readers can suggest for our "bucket list" would be welcomed, if I can afford it. Amazingly, Brandi loves people despite how she's been treated.

I don't know what day will be her last; the vets have assured me that she won't suffer, but will pass quickly.

This is not a story to raise funds...this is a story meant to honor a dog who was used to make money for an unethical breeder. It is a story to help raise awareness about the fact that there are suffering parents behind the cute, fluffy puppies who are offered for sale by puppy mill breeders.

Follow Brandi, and offer your suggestions for her "bucket list," at her own Facebook page here.

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