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Reports of the Tea Party's death were greatly exaggerated‏

Despite liberals absolutely falling over each other for years to insist that the Tea Party movement was dead at every turn, it has once again proven them all wrong, this time unseating the second most powerful politician in the House of Representatives in a stunning and historic upset on Tuesday. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) has now been removed from office by a completely unknown political novice with virtually zero campaign money.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) speaks while flanked by House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The challenger, Dave Brat, is an economics professor at Randolph-Macon college in Richmond. He has no ties to Washington whatsoever, and had no backing from any part of the Republican establishment. He secured the nomination with nothing more than the support of Tea Partiers and other conservative voices, such as talk radio host Laura Ingraham...and by embracing the former GOP principles that the American people overwhelmingly stand for—free markets, fiscal sanity, and actually following the Constitution.

From Fox News:

The upset sent shock waves across Capitol Hill with speculation about whether Cantor would resign his leadership post and if any Republican incumbent would now dare to support immigration reform. Cantor aides did not respond Tuesday when asked if the 51-year-old would launch a write-in campaign in November.

Cantor had joined Democrats in demonizing Tea Partiers as "dangerous" and "extreme" for preferring limited government that actually lives within its means, and had openly declared war on them for the last seven months straight. His finally fatal wrong turn was allowing the leftist RINO establishment to blackmail and bribe him into throwing the American people and the rule of law under the bus to side with foreign criminals who illegally broke into our country by the millions.

And just in case there is any doubt that this dramatic turn of events was a major step in the right direction, sobbing liberal embarrassment John Boehner has now stepped in to praise Cantor as a "great leader" and his closest "friend."

As I have said before, Republicans have forgotten that they only win elections when they abandon the time-disproven Dole-McCain-Romney approach of "reaching across the aisle" and pretending to be Democrats on nearly every issue. They have forgotten that even liberal states like California vote with conservatives on things like illegal immigration.

They have forgotten that this is an overwhelmingly right-of-center country that has only elected two other Democrat presidents in the last 45 years: Carter, who was the only other candidate after Watergate, and Clinton, a Southerner who pretended to be a conservative.

They have forgotten that this country unites behind Republicans when they run as unapologetically conservative candidates, as with Reagan and Bush Sr. (until Bush Sr. revealed that he wasn’t really a conservative by raising taxes…at which point voters promptly ditched him for what they thought was a moderate Democrat).

Americans don’t want to compromise with liberalism. They want it defeated.

But Republicans have allowed themselves to be convinced that advocating for government that only does what it is actually authorized to do under the Constitution is "extreme" and would make them unelectable. They think they need to "get things done" and perpetually expand the role of government. They see principled conservatives as unsophisticated amateurs who should be hidden from view in embarrassment.

They are too busy begging for scraps from the left’s table to consider the winning strategy of actually fighting back and taking the kind of bold, extreme measures that are now required to save the republic. For instance, when Democrats forced through their illegal, economy-killing health care takeover, Republicans responded by offering up a different way to run it ('Repeal and Replace'), rather than simply uprooting the blatant attack on the Constitution altogether.

This is always the way with Republicans. Don’t take a stand. Don’t actually fight back. Just offer something slightly less horrible than what Democrats have introduced—something that leaves the problem in place, the Federal Government’s foot in the door and the conservative movement with a knife in its back.

The Republican Party has been so thoroughly corrupted and compromised by leftist RINOs at this point (partly due to states allowing Democrats to vote in GOP primaries) that it has effectively become the moderate wing of a one-party socialist system, with a very narrow minority of actual conservatives remaining on its fringes, representing the American people on the issues. Elections have become a choice between destroying America at 55 MPH under Republicans, or at 155 MPH under Democrats.

The only chance there is at this point for Americans to peacefully restore our God-given rights and liberties under the Constitution is to have some form of actual representation in Washington. Otherwise, it will remain the Federal Government vs. The People, and it is only a matter of time before such an impossible alignment erupts into violence.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." —JFK

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