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Reporter blames Bush for Obama bypassing Congress on Bergdahl prisoner swap

Bowe Bergdahl with Taliban captors.
Bowe Bergdahl with Taliban captors.
AFP-Getty Images

While appearing on MSNBC Monday, the Miami Herald's Carol Rosenberg appeared to blame former President George W. Bush for Obama bypassing Congress in the prisoner swap that led to the release of Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier who spent some five years with the Taliban after reportedly walking off in June 2009 three days after writing an email bashing America, Truth Revolt reported.

"The administration moved on its own quickly and was in a way using a page from the Bush administration playbook of cutting out Congress and cutting out the Red Cross and doing what it thought was right at the moment and telling people afterwards," she said.

Rosenberg admitted the administration failed to abide by the law requiring 30 days notice before detainees are transferred. Nevertheless, she ran interference for the White House, telling Andrea Mitchell the administration has suggested such a deal has been in the works “for a number of years now.”

"Yes, they did not comply with the 30-day statutory notice requirement," she admitted. "The White House and Pentagon said the President had the executive authority to do this particularly because it was this delicate swap for a prisoner of war. And they chose to not notify them until the actual exchange was underway but it shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone."

"We've known that this administration has been talking about a Qatari deal for years now and identities of these five men, this is not something that came out of the blue," she added.

Two of the five men released -- Mullah Mohammad Fazl, the Taliban army chief of staff, and Mullah Norullah Noori, a senior Taliban military commander -- are wanted by the United Nations for war crimes.

Mullah Omar declared the release a "big victory" in what appears to be a propaganda win for the Taliban, and Bob Bergdahl, Bowe's father, issued tweets calling for more detainees to be released. Goats were slaughtered across Afghanistan in celebration of the release, the Daily Mail added.

The move has also prompted concerns that Obama is set to empty the Guantanamo prison by releasing detainees on his own.

“This whole deal may have been a test to see how far the administration can actually push it, and if Congress doesn’t fight back they will feel more empowered to move forward with additional transfers,” one GOP aide said. “They’ve lined up all the dominoes to be able to move a lot more detainees out of Guantanamo and this could be just the beginning.”

Bergdahl was promoted twice while with the Taliban, and is set to be promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant.

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