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Report: White House sent 'smoking gun' email to Muslim Brotherhood agent

Transfer cases carried into a hangar.
Transfer cases carried into a hangar.
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On Saturday, a report at said that a leader of a Muslim brotherhood front group is on the distribution list of the so-called "smoking gun" email that indicates former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was coached to blame the Benghazi terror attack was the result of an obscure online video.

Among those listed on the distribution list is Mehdi K. Alhassani, the leader of the Muslim Student Association, who, according to the Shoebat Foundation, attended the sister mosque of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center mosque attended by the Boston Marathon bombers. Alhassani, Shoebat adds, also serves as a Special Assistant to the Office of the Chief of Staff, National Security Council Staff, and Executive Office of the President.

According to Shoebat, Alhassani met with with Samir Mayekar, a George Soros ‘fellow,’ for an unscheduled visit a few hours before the fateful Sept. 11, 2012 attack that ended with the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. The report said it is unknown why the two met.

As a Muslim Brotherhood operative, Shoebat added, it is natural that Alhassani would want the attack blamed on the YouTube video. The Foundation reported two days after the attack that "these forces had been hard at work on that very agenda."

Both the White House and the Muslim Brotherhood had a stake in blaming the attack on a video, Shoebat said. As the email says, the intent was to take attention away from what the email called a "broader failure of policy."

Shoebat went on to say that evidence of Alhassani's affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood is "found in a document published by the Islamic Institute of Boston (IIB) entitled, Participants at the Citizen Dialogue Group." The report also says Alhassani was President of the Muslim Student Association at George Washington University from 2005 to 2006 and served as an intern at the White House and the State Department. Shoebat says there is "overwhelming evidence" the student organization is a muslim Brotherhood front group. Worse yet, the MSA chapter at GWU has what the report calls a "checkered past."

After the attack, the administration blamed the video even though reports later indicated the president knew all along that terrorism, not the video, was behind the attack. About two weeks after the attack, Obama angered a number of people when he told a U.N. gathering that the "future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."

A number of people have also expressed concern about what is seen as the growing influence the Muslim Brotherhood has on the administration. In January, retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Tom McInerney confirmed the presence of the organization in the U.S. government. Former Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., also said the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the administration. As we reported in January, members of the group have also been allowed to bypass airport security.

In June 2012, five House Republicans issued letters to various departments demanding to know how deeply involved the government is with the organization. According to Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., the letters sent by the representatives "explained that the U.S. government in federal court has established that the group’s mission in the U.S. is 'destroying the Western civilization from within.'" The letters also demanded inspectors general of various agencies "conduct a formal investigation or evaluation of the extent to which Muslim Brotherhood-tied individuals or entities are involved."

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