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Report: Twitter account for conservative website suspended, no reason given

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Conservatives, it seems, have a very difficult time with social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. They often find themselves targeted by leftists apparently willing to do anything to silence them -- even file false reports in hopes the accounts get taken down. On Tuesday, the Twitter account for Progressives Today, a conservative website started by Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit and Kyle Olson of EAG News, was temporarily suspended, Hoft said.

"Apparently, if you are conservative, you don’t deserve to have a voice," he wrote. "It’s the progressive way!"

Twitter gave no reason for the suspension, he said, but attributed the suspension to false reports of spam. Eventually, he added, the account was brought back on line.

"Thanks #Twitter @ProgsToday back up and running. Score one 4 the #GoodGuys," Hoft tweeted.

Shortly after coming back on line, the account thanked conservatives who offered support.

"Thanks to @michellemalkin @DLoesch @ChrisLoesch and many others who lobbied to defeat #LiberalPrivilege attempts to silence free speech," Progressives Today said.

Earlier Tuesday, Progressives Today released the first in a four-part series of videos exposing some of the antics at a recent white privilege convention held in Madison, Wisconsin, in March. The video posted Tuesday shows Saint Xavier University sociology professor Jacqueline Battalora declaring that white people were created in 1681 as the result of a law prohibiting marriage between white women and Negro slaves.

“This law,” she told attendees, “equals the invention of the human category White.” Battalora was not the only one making outrageous comments at the convention.

Other speakers claimed racism has been an integral part of America from the beginning, while others attacked capitalism and Christianity. According to those speaking at the convention, Christianity and the free market are to blame for minorities not getting ahead.

Progressives Today, according to its description, "follows and publicly exposes the radical elements of the institutional left." The site says it seeks to become "the go to resource" for information about progressive activities and underhanded efforts to advance a radical agenda.

"Our goal is to finally hold the left accountable for their radical opinions, their destructive policies and their dangerous anti-American agenda," the site says. That, apparently, has some on the left willing to do anything to silence them.