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Report says most death row inmates will die of old age

According to the Economist, most killers on death row will never live long enough to be executed with a toxic chemical cocktail. Instead, they will just die of old age. Consider convicted killer Gary Avord, a killer who spent nearly 40 years on death row in Florida for murdering three women. Avord cheated the system and avoided execution by dropping dead of natural causes. Because of appeals, thousands of criminals sit on death row in American prisons. The appeal process can take decades because no one wants to kill an innocent person.

Most death row inmates will die of old age or illnesses that typically afflict older people.
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

While prisoners wade through appeals, prisoners sit in their cells and age like rotten fruit. Therefore, they will live long enough to succumb to heart attacks, cancer and strokes. Also consider that death row inmates spend 23 hours in a small cell waiting to become the next “dead man walking.” The Economist says that solitary confinement and the anticipation of death can accelerate old age.

Visit the Economist website to read the whole story.

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