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Report--Obama quietly appoints Muslim Brotherhood to key posts (updates)


  • Profile picture of Terry Hurlbut
    Terry Hurlbut 5 years ago

    He that hath an ear, let him hear: he that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity, and he that killeth with the sword must be killed by the sword. Revelation 13:9-10

  • Profile picture of Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin 5 years ago

    Yes, sir.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    Wasnt Job an Arab?

    What would Jesus think of all this jingoistic hatred towards Muslims? Would Jesus advocate killing them?

    What would Abraham think of you killing and subverting his childrens children over politics and resources? Would he approve of the CIA having the MSM demonize them so their deaths wouldnt hurt anyones feelings? Would he approve of provoking them into fighting so you could blame them? How would God feel about what is going on? You judge, and you will be judged. Your forked tongues are double edged swords.

  • John Adams 5 years ago

    It is called 'blowback.'

    Muslims massacred Christians and Jews by the thousands, creating the 'blowback'--the Crusades.

    The fact that you excuse this behavior is all we know to know.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    If people are still harping about the crusades, that happened hundreds of years ago, they have the problem, since there is no modern example to back the hatred today other than land grabs.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    1. If you support war against Iraq, Aphganistan, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Gaza, Lebanon, then YES YOU support killing muslims enmasse. These are all Israels enemies because they wont give them land and fealty.

    2. Exactly, so you cor anyone else who criticizes Israel and points out what they are doing to muslims, cannot be an anti-semite.

    3. Last time I checked, no muslims invaded anyone, however, the US and Israel invade other countries one after another. Name where muslims killed people enmasse, then compare the death toll to the US and Israel. 9/11 wasnt one of them, that was the US hands down already PROVEN.

    I also never said it was the jooz the jooz you moron, now you are putting words in my mouth just as your stupidity should get yours handed to you.

    Another thing you little weasel, Israel is a racist apartheid theocracy...WITH nukes that are not inspected and they are not a member of the NNPT...why is that shmuck, are they special? No they are not, we were all created equally, so you want to worship a people instead of GOD?

    YOU are a bigot, I dont hate anyone, it is actions that should be condemned, not a people, but you want to throw all muslims in a group so your portfolio looks good? That is all that is being accomplished over there, it hasnt made us safer, it made it more dangerous, you need to go smack yourself with a hammer.

  • Profile picture of Staberdearth
    Staberdearth 5 years ago

    @RSBL The progenitor of the arab is the bastard son of Abraham, Ismael.

    Also, it might be a wise thing to develop a spirit of discernment as the Bible teaches. That can only happen once you get your head out from up the devil's lair.....

  • EE 5 years ago

    Easily the most moronic article i've seen about the muslim brotherhood. Facts don't matter to this "news" outlet, apparently.

  • Profile picture of Staberdearth
    Staberdearth 5 years ago

    Then give the facts EE! What are they! I've had to endure your type before. I am sure that you maintain that theTea party are still racists. Maybe now that they have voted for Herman Cain, the tea partyers are now Uncle Tommers? Such predictable drivel out of the like of asswipes that throw hot air bricks!

  • White Power 5 years ago

    That's Right! We only approve of whites being appointed by the president! Anyone with even a touch of color is SUSPECT! Black? New Black Panther! Arab-American? Muslim Brotherhood! Mexican-American? LA RAZA! See? All of them suspect! We only approve of white people!

  • Robert Lott 5 years ago

    Intellectual morons, when exposed, lie, lie and then tell a bigger lie to deny the truth.

  • rhcrest 5 years ago

    You people who are defending the muslims, do you have the SLIGHTEST clue as to what these people are all about? What they believe in? You are nothing more than useful idiots. And by the way, Islam has nothing to do with your skin color. It is an ideology, not a race. One can be muslim regardless of your race. And by all means, keep using the race card, the more you use it, the less effect it has.

  • walrus 5 years ago

    you keep using the race card to spectacular results...every time you rebut with "race card this! race card that!" you yourself are using the race card...what? you thought whites were exempt from being called on for using the race card? EVER SINGLE TIME you have uttered the words "race card" you doubled down on your race card! keep it up racist!

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    Actually, yes, we do know, I was in a situation where 90% of the people around me for months, were Muslim, I was a very tiny minority. You are going by the lies from those who benefit from these murderous actions against muslims. They are corporations who were denied entry into muslim countries because they practice usury and are corrupt. Turn off your TV, that is the only place muslims are considered evil.

    No mention from you about the genocide our government carried out on the indians huh? Another selective moron who worships the corporate state.

  • ? 5 years ago

    This has to be satire. Right?

  • Better Links Please 5 years ago

    If you want to be taken seriously you should insert links to root sources. If you want to make a point about the MB's charter how about a link to their actual charter and not some 3rd party site that filters information. It will make your points more credible. As of now your whole story is based on information that has been bouncing around the right-wing conspiracy world. For those that like to think for themselves and research, here is a link to the MB's English site. Your welcome. ;) ikhwanweb dot com

  • Better Links Please 5 years ago

    *You're welcome...

  • John Adams 5 years ago

    Why should anyone believe anything the MB have to say? They are know to tell the public whatever they want to hear, while engaging in promoting Sharia all the while. The upshot is that they are liars.;

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Why should we believe you, or this hysterical, unsourced article?

  • smerls 5 years ago

    Wow and your calling Ron Paul a in regard to his understanding of foreign policy ??

    There is one problem with all of this if it was true then wouldn't the muslim brotherhood be involved in the Egyptian uprising...they never really got involved..they were no were to be seen for the first 3-4 days and after they only had a marginal presence!! In addition I don't know where you getting that there has been a call for war with Isreal?? The army did set aside the constitution but it also said it honor all international agreements including with Isreal. In fact if anyone is going to take over Egypt outside of establishing some type of democray all indications are it will be the army and all of Mubarak cronies.

    However if we had been listening to our founders and Ron Paul and following their foreign policy advice non of this would matter to us and actually there is would have been a very good chance that there may not even be any dictators to overthrow since most of them we put in power to begin with!!

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    I see cam6385 drank the koolaid well. You are everything the MSM trained you to be.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    "And, due to the fact that the mainstream media merely parrots the official Administration propaganda, the American people are being bamboozled."

    Yet you listening to ANY MSM is beyond me. They all lie in order to trick you into supporting their corporate agendas. Official Administration propaganda...hmmm, kind of like the official propaganda that was 9/11 official story?

    Look, you either believe them, or you do not, once a liar, always a liar. You cant pick and choose the lies that comfort you most and then turn around and condemn another lie that is uncomfortable. This is a double standard and the lies are picked by what offends you the least, or goes along with your own dogma.

    Thou shalt not covet, murder and other things, but our foreign policy is in direct violation of God's laws. DONT QUOTE the Bible if you cannot live it yourself. You cant pick which commandments to follow, you either follow them ALL, or NONE. Otherwise, you look like a FOOL TERRY!

  • cam6385 5 years ago

    Covering for murderous, lying, scum of the earth muslims makes you look like a fool RSBL. Islam is less a religion than it is a terrorist organization. And by the way, Israel isn't going anywhere, so you're wasting your breath.

  • notamuslim 5 years ago

    The MB is what it is "a lie". The words you speak have no meaning any longer. What Americans don't understand about Muslims is there are plenty of fair weather followers like most religions. You can drink it up with them and talk smack like most anybody. These people are not the problem they are only doing what is normal in their land. Where it goes wrong is the power hungry leaders whom wish to enslave the average person with it. Educate them how they wish so they can use you for suicidal bombings or what ever to justify their means. Sheeshh I won't even go into Sharia.... Muslim Brotherhood over played their hand once again... as history shows they are good at that.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    Whoever said I thought Israel should dissapear? I want them to abide by international and human rights laws, thats all. I dont hate them, I hate what they are doing.

    Look in the mirror, YOU are being the terrorist.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    I also think they should declare their borders so there is a state to recognize, and along that line, it is the 1967 borders.

    Im also sure you would not like raw sewage dumped on your land and being shot at every time you go to harvest your crops by settlers who are on occupied lands where the inhabitants were murdered or moved. Maybe you should try living in gaza for a bit and see if you would be doing the same things?

  • John Adams 5 years ago

    Funny how the rats start jumping off the ship when they realize their covert ship of deception has been exposed and is sinking. And rats scream the loudest when their schemes are opened up for all to see. I bet that light is blinding.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Conspiracy theories and yellow journalism, thy name is Examiner.

  • Jen 5 years ago

    Excellent. And you struck a nerve. Notice how they never have a good explanation for sharia's treatment of women and gays?
    It's always but...but...but...CHRISTIANS.

    (You can always tell how deep the nerve is you hit by: 1. the number of responses, esp from one person, and 2. the ad hominem attacks in the replies.

    Way to go.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    Hmmm, where are these nukes you speak of, the IAEA have not found any, only Fox news seems to know where they are, just like saddams nuukes eh?

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    Also, the Iranian president is not a dictator, he was elected.

    Oblama didnt put a fork in anyone but our own country, the PEOPLE of Egypt put their forks in their dictator.

    You discredit yourself with your own parroting of the MSM. Get your facts straigt and from a credible source.

    You took the bait well, they lie, you decide.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    I guess you support the inquisition then?

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    "and to you libs THAT LOVE your feminists and women's right, how the heck do you resolve whole countries keeping wormen in those BURKAH JAILS............"

    That is why there are different countries, you dont have to go there, it is none of your business what other countries do within their borders. They have the right to live how they want, that is also why we have 50 seperate states, that if you dont like life in one, you can move, you dont go around telling everyone else to live by your ways. If the women from these countries didnt like it, they would leave, infact, some do leave, but still wear their burkas because that is their religeon.

    I dont see you up in arms about child molestation in the churches, and it isnt even part of the religeon.

    Clean up yourself and your own religeon before you go after others choices of how they want to live.

  • Profile picture of Bobbie W
    Bobbie W 5 years ago

    Just catching up and reading my email. I am outraged if this is true, which I am leaning towards believing it is. We, the American people who believe in freedom and liberty, should be boycotting each and every corporation listed in this article. I did see the O'Reilly/Obama interview and was particularly interested when Obama did not say much about the Muslim Brotherhood. I do not trust a man that has lied to the American people like Obama has done. In fact, he lied during his entire campaign. Fortunately, I never believed anything he said because my instincts told me not to.
    Is there not ONE thing the American people can do to STOP this infiltration in our Country? And please, do not get me wrong here. I am not against all Muslims - just the ones that want to destroy America and its people. And sadly, there appear to be Americans wanting to destroy America and its people as well.
    I refuse to watch MSNBC or any of its affiliates. I refuse to use Google. There are other search engines. I am ready to get out of Facebook and UTube. CPAC will have to be dealt with differently. If more Americans would stand up and do these type things, then maybe these entities wouldn't be doing so well. We have the power but do we have the guts?
    No liberal comments, please. I already know what you think.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    The only reason Ron Paul is "unelectable" is because the MSM is in a concerted effort to make sure of it, just like the last presidential election.

    FOX news was caught using footage from last time where Romney supporters booed the win by Paul. FOX NEWS is deliberately trying to make it look like he has no support, why, with current footage of CPAC do they need to use last years footage? BECAUSE they are using deception, the only ones that do not want Ron Paul to win is the corporations, and the idiots brainwashed by these corporate MSM.

    CAUGHT RED HANDED this time, they are decieving you out in the OPEN, are you going to keep trusting these liars???????

    Just like last year, on camera a pundit was saying they will make sure he doesnt win, why is that? Because they dont own him and he is incorruptable. ALL MSM is bought and paid for to decieve and lie to you and sway your oppinons in their you get it now?

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    Im sorry Anthony, but your blind allegiance to fox news is disheartening, they have been lying, blatently, and you keep supporting their agenda as if it was honest journalism.

    They lied about saddams nukes, they helped sell the wars and hatred of a people to benefit a foreign country, they flip flop on liberty issues when their team members are in, then flop when they are not. This is pure manipulation. Now, AGAIN, they are trashing Ron Paul and trying to paint him as unelectable. This is interfering with elections, they lie, lie, lie, and you give them credence. When will you realize that they are not for you, they are for their corporate masters, it saddens me when there is truth, it is ignored outright. Do you even have your own thoughts anymore? You still have not stepped back to rub your eyes, you are being lied to.

    All MSM is corrupt and working an agenda you are not privy to. I really like your articles, but come on Anthony, you should be smarter than this. Pay attention to who owns these news corporations, their relationships to eachother at the top, then come back and try to say that they are independent and honest. This is divide and conquer, and you are helping them, hopefully not deliberately. The repubs and the dems are tools, they come from the same tool box. As soon as you realize this, you will wake up.

  • Profile picture of Loral Orow
    Loral Orow 5 years ago

    James Russell Bailey, Bobbie W. and Catherine Forester. Thank you for good comments. The rest of this seems to be "I'm right and you're wrong". One guy even tells us 'it has been PROVEN that our own country attacked our own Twin Towers". man oh man, would I like to see that proof!
    Muslims have created all the troubles going on in this country beginning even before their 9/11 attack. They are hate-filled and demanding. Why do they come here to live? They attempt to bring their own government/laws with them and call it religion. It's not a religion in any sense of the word.
    Just before I came here to read this article, I read an article about all the terrorist cells located around our country. Muslim women collecting cell phones to send over to the middle east to set off bombs. (to kill our military fighting for their freedoms) A store owner asking customers where he can get some camps right here in the USA for Muslims to learn how to attack and murder. (murder who? Us?)
    Keep defending and you'll have all of us underground in a blink of an eye. Sharia Law? Doesn't that speak for itself?

    This country has been a blessing to us, but most of us took our freedoms for granted. With Obama that has come to an end, so please stop defending those who want to kill us & start caring about the freedoms that we must pass on to future generations.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    RSBL -That is why there are different countries, you dont have to go there, it is none of your business what other countries do within their borders. They have the right to live how they want, that is also why we have 50 seperate states, that if you dont like life in one, you can move, you dont go around telling everyone else to live by your ways. If the women from these countries didnt like it, they would leave, infact, some do leave, but still wear their burkas because that is their religeon.

    You are a fool. If these women don't like it they can leave? Are you kidding? Sure they can leave, right after they are stoned to death.

  • cam6385 5 years ago

    Right on! But don't expect RSBL to get that. He appears to be a paranoid schizophrenic who has lost touch with reality. Very similar to Oboma in that he trashes America and defends the Muslims.

  • Chief Sitting Bull 5 years ago

    Ha! That's what we used to think before white man come here and rob us blind.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    Really? Then please tell me how the UK is being over run by Pakistanis, and there are muslims all over the world who HAVE left where they were because they did not like it.

    With your thinking, there would only be muslims in the middle east and nowhere else, please explain how jews and christians among others share these countries just fine with being stoned to death.

    Again, parroting what you were told to think by your loving MSM. Also, the ones who do get stoned to death are for major reasons, like cheating on your husband, our Bible shares these thoughts, infact, because of these laws, like cutting off a thiefs hand, makes sure they wont do it again, explain why crime is low and morals are stronger than in this country. It is because of those laws.

  • Jen 5 years ago

    Yeah, that "they can leave" stuck out for me, too. Honey, in some of these places, the women can't even go out of their houses! Ever read about the windows painted black?

    I will never understand how they overcome the cognitive dissonance of seeing themselves as "social justice" people on one hand and support islam on the other.

    Note the comment higher up about the Catholic church? Does he even know aout "thighing" with infants in islam? Dancing boys? Sodomy accepted with little girls (and boys) as long you don't do vaginal intercourse that might break the hymen?

    Israel's an "apartheid state" ? Besides the cliched language, do they even know how many muslim reps are in the Israeli legislature? Now, how many Jews in Palestinian Hamas?

    They can bleat stereotypes of Christians and talking points of the left till the cows come home, but the truth is, they are wildly defending the most oppressive, woman-hating, gay-hating, liberal--hating ideology of all time.

    I believe they think muslims are "cool," like rastas or something. That must be some gooood weed they're smokin'.

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    First of all Jen, Im not your honey.

    Second of all, these are sovereign countries, not your little pet social project. Do you know what sovereign means?

    Our country is on the verge of collapse and you are worried that someone somewhere is being mistreated? But your not worried that our own government can and does torture? Admitted Iraq war was based on lies, cant get their stories straight on 9/11, has been provoking Russia, Iran, and North Korea, looking for any war, shipped off our jobs to China who is not our friend. And you are worried somewhere in a country nowhere near us, someones windows are painted black?

    Why arent you worried about what is going on in africa where we are supporting more dictators who murder their own people while the UN stands by and watches?

    You are following what the media calls the enemy du jour, you wont worry about africa unless fox news says something thats why. I guess all those christains and jews in these countries like Iran are retarded for staying there and claiming they love it there so much, they ignored Israels call for all jews to leave there.

    You are stupid, you get your news from known and admitted liars. You want to complain about something? Complain about how our Vets are treated by our own government, you know, the same guys you expect to go over there and kill Israels enemies for them.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago


  • Jen 5 years ago

    Just a note. My remark about "way to go" was directed to Catherine's post. The "reply" boxes point are underneath the comments, but when you post a reply, it doesn't end up there.

  • Bean 5 years ago

    "moderate Muslim dictators" - such a lovely neocon term.

    However, thank you - I'm cranking out the novel using this storyline as fast as I can.

    Y'all do know she works for the company behind Project Genoa, right? And what Genoa was??

    RSBL, you fruitcake, you've completely missed the REAL conspiracy. LOL

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    I was trying to stay on topic, there is a sea of evidence to show the 'elites' are conspiring against the people in every western nation, and now the ME. They speak with their own mouths on what was warren buffet saying?...."there IS a class war, and WE are winning." thank you very muchski.

    There also was no fruit harmed in telling the truth, however, the zombies will never wake up for their ego will suffer too much.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    anyone who is defending muslims is an idiot who never really has stided Islam, never read the quran and never spent any real time among them.
    now we have many enemies , those who claim to be jews who are not and make war on those who are jews and those who are Christians.
    and the "peaceful " moon god worshipping cult known as islam , which even in it's most benevolent form ( the bahia to name them ) will when pressed to honesty tell you they are devoted to convert the world to islam... and when pressed further about those who will never convert , their answer is they plan to behead them.

    muslims did not topple the twin towers , al CIA DUH did. but muslims are not peaceful nor our friends

    this post is a statement of fact.
    those who flame this post , be aware your opinion means nothing to me

  • RSBL 5 years ago

    Anyone who complains about the quran need to also read the Talmud and see where YOU the GOYIM are to be slaves of the Jews, and how jews can decieve and even kill, including children anyone not jewish. Now, when racism is slapping you in the face, you still are being selective on who to complain about.

    And ANYONE would not be our friend if you kill their family and stael their land, you dont go provoke a fight and then cry when they fight back.

  • Uncle Buckeye 5 years ago

    And we spend BILLIONS trying to protect ourselves from muslim fanatics!


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