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"RELIGION IS POISON" Controversial Art Exhibit in Houston

"NO CRY, NO PAIN, ANYMORE?!" Acrylic painting by Joe Sioufi - "Religion is Poison" art exhibit @ James Art Gallery
© - Painting by Joe Sioufi - "No cry, no pain anymore?!" acrylic 4' x 4'

Article by Joe Sioufi: Have you noticed that everything in this world is pulling people apart and making them lose control? People go to doctors every day with nothing but fear in their heart. There is nothing wrong with them but fear.
These human beings are listening to the world, evolution and secular humanism and they are going no where. They call themselves God's children but none know the Word of God.

Before I go on with this deep subject, I would like to mention that you can see my 4' x 4' artwork @ the art exhibit "Religion is Poison" My acrylic painting's name is "No Cry, No Pain, Anymore!?"
Few other selected artists are exhibiting their paintings there as well. You do not want to miss that controversial art exhibit. Be prepared!

Where? @ James Artgallery - 2500 summer st. Houston TX unit 212 77007
When? Saturday, May 4, 2013 - 6:00pm until 9:00pm

You could live all your life believing that all fairy-tales are true because they are good stories and teach valuable lessons, but you need to face reality to grow.

Religion has been the best thing for starting wars, hating others, bringing out the differences in people, and killing them. It has not done much good except making the Houses of God rich and powerful.

True religion teaches you to treat others the way you want to be treated, to always be honest by not cheating, and to visit widows and orphans. Many religions are actually cults. Many will tell you how to live, who to talk to, who not to talk to, and basically who you should be.

Religion can be distracting at a certain point!

I am not against religion, but closed minded people.

All religions were made and written thousands of years ago and humanity has changed since. Life's evolution and technologies have changed. Our needs are still the same but in a different context. You can follow religion to a certain extent to be a better person, but ultimately you are your own judge. It is up to you to know if you are going to what we have heard of Heaven or Hell (if such exist).

If reincarnation exist, my question is if reincarnation is for those who had been good before on this earth or to punish those who had been bad?

Do you feel that sometimes being on earth is a kind of torture? Hell? Is being here some kind of punishment or lesson we failed to learn in a previous life or lives? Since we as humans are not stable, we seek out stability as a sense of security. We are constantly gravitating towards pleasure or that which makes us feel good. We are always looking to satisfy certain needs in order to feel stable.

The constant and continuous search to attain this state of mind and feelings of stability can be torturous to many people because it is temporary and fleeting.

I am not against God. I am not against religion. However, I want the peace of mind that has been stolen from us due to extreme religious beliefs.

Living in peace is the greatest religion.

Joe Sioufi