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Relieve your lower back pain with these yoga poses

Tight lower back muscles can be painful and restrictive. They can distract you during your day and even make simple tasks more difficult. This can be caused by prolonged sitting or driving, poor posture, stress, or incorrect sleeping positions. Stretch and release tight lower back muscles to relieve pain by performing these yoga poses.

Child's Pose - Kneel with the legs a comfortable distance apart. Fold forward over the legs and let the tailbone relax back toward the heels. Walk the fingertips forward and extend the arms to lengthen the spine. Each time you exhale release tight muscles to allow yourself to fold further forward.

Garland - Squat down with feet mat distance apart. Keep the feet flat if possible or come up to the balls of the feet. Bring the hands to heart center and press the triceps into the inner thighs. Press the heart up while relaxing the tailbone down toward the mat to release the lower back.

Spinal Twist - Lie flat on your back. Pull the knees to the chest and drop the legs to one side. Try to keep the shoulders flat on the floor while relaxing the back muscles and allowing yourself to twist. After three to six breaths drop the legs to the other side.

Standing Forward Fold - Stand with the feet together. Inhale the arms up overhead. Exhale fold forward as far as comfortable. Keep the knees bent if the hamstrings are tight. Relax the head and neck, and allow the spine to lengthen. Gently sway side to side to release the lower back.

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