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Relatives of criminal shot trying to hold up Waffle House demand 'gun control'

A Breitbart feature posted yesterday brings a story to the fore from an April/May Fox Carolina report that gun owners who may have missed it when it first came out ought to know about, if for no other reason than it provides a forehead-slapping insight into what passes for “gun control” advocacy.

Dante Williams and accomplice terrorizing Waffle House employees and customers during armed robbery.
Waffle House surveillance video via 7th Circuit Solicitor's office, January 2012

“Nineteen-year-old Dante Williams' family said there is no doubt he entered the Waffle House in Chesnee back in January of 2012 intent on robbing it, but they say he didn't have to die,” the report, blogged but not explored in detail at the time on The War on Guns, began.

Bottom line, the deceased invaded the place with a gun and an accomplice, demanded money terrorized everyone in the place, and was taken out by a concealed carry permit holder in the type of defensive gun use situation head Bloomberg MILM Shannon Watts claims “never happens.”

It was a good shoot, and one defended by the permit holder’s CWP instructor, a former deputy sheriff. But not to disgruntled relatives eager to blame someone other than the predator for his fatal decisions, and maybe get a payday in the bargain...

“Tamika McSwain is Williams' cousin and said more training is needed before someone is given a CWP,” the Fox report relates. “McSwain said her family was disappointed that Harrison wasn't charged in the shooting and says her family is still considering pursuing other legal action against him.”

"He was always sharp, always goofy, loved to dance, he was a respectable boy," McSwain said of her cousin.

Yeah, sure he was, Tamika. If you really believe that, it tells us all we need to know about you and the people who raised this little thug, who saw no problem carrying a gun and threatening people with it -- with none of that training you’re demanding from his victims.

“Really? Flesh that out for us,” I noted in my brief blog linking to the story, in response to Tamika's training demands. That I’d love to hear, and it would only work to the advantage of gun owners to see how ridiculous, draconian and ignorant any further requirements she might dream up would prove to be.

The blame-everyone-else-for-individual-decisions mentality is one of the greatest failings and dangers plaguing the culture, and one of the greatest impediments to true freedom, which, unlike mere license (as in acting however one wants without any other consideration), demands personal responsibility.

It’s a natural tendency for good people to feel empathy and sympathy for surviving family members when tragedy happens, even the self-inflicted kind. But when those relatives turn things around to make irrational demands, and Richard Martinez comes to mind, pity quickly turns to determined opposition.

I’d like to say I’m sorry for your loss, Tamika, but in truth, I can’t. It sounds like the probability Dante would have become a positive addition to society is a lot lower than the chances of him continuing to be a menace. It sounds like the world is a safer and better place now that he is no longer around as a lifelong drain on and threat to its productive members.

[Via Dave Licht]


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