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'Rekoil' plays like a pro shooter

40 weapons, 10 maps and 8 modes of play make up this pro-like FPS.
40 weapons, 10 maps and 8 modes of play make up this pro-like FPS.

Hands-on with 505 Games third shooter of 2013. Core mechanics, equitable playing field and brisk combat make up this FPS.

Core shooting on the comeback with 505 Games's Rekoil.

Rather than stroke the mane of COD’s cash printing gimmicks, i.e. killstreaks rewards, perks and dogs, indie studio Plastic Piranha has gone out and made a pure, straightforward shooter, paying homage to FPSs of old. Enter: Rekoil, a fast-paced, ballistic fray that relies on dexterous weapon handling, balanced maps and tight controls.

Pro shooting:

If you ever played games like Counter Strike or Day of Defeat, then you’ll feel right at home with Rekoil. It’s just you and your gun, against other players and their guns. Swift movement, surgical accuracy and map awareness are your best friends in this class-based FPS. And in the event of death, like CSGO and DOD, spawning is instant to keep the action going.

Before you ask, yes Rekoil has a competitive nature, which is backed up by stable gameplay and keen shooting. Armaments are well balanced so whether you prefer a sniper rifle, SMG, LMG or shotgun, their lethality is dependent on your preferred method of play/skill. It’s all downhill after that. Simply pick your class and loadout, jump in and let the lead fly.

The tourney aspect comes not only from the gameplay itself, but within the presentation. Real-time rankings appear live during play, which, in the case of FFA matches, show your position and how far or close you are to first place. Like wise, these same types of stats are displayed in other modes, whether it’s TDM, CTF or Hold the Briefcase. That said, Rekoil was definitely designed with eSports in mind.

“I think by [Rekoil’s] true balanced nature that’s it’s designed for that from the ground up,” said Plastic Piranha CEO and President, Jason Brice when asked if his shooter had aspirations to be on the pro circuit.

It’s all about community:

With 40 weapons, 10 maps and 7 modes of play, out of the gate, Rekoil offers a nice budget package that heavily encourages modding for longevity. Map tools will be “available on day 1,” says Plastic Piranha. The idea is, juggernaut shooters like COD and BF all stem from an era where modding was an integral part of the process, which yielded a bevy of content that kept gamers playing for years. Maps and modes were plentiful in the early 2000s, but as is the standard now, Call of Duty and Battlefield are closed properties, which handle content distribution exclusively in house.

Plastic Piranha CEO, Jason Brice, sees things differently, especially considering his career in gaming originated from modding the only user generated map on Battlefield 2142 to date. His work would lead to a 3 year stint with DICE before branching off to create his own studio.

Titles like, DODS, NS2 and CSGO thrive off the modding community, generating a host of content no AAA game can match. Rekoil may not be reinventing the genre, but its equitable design certainly has the minerals to match the aforementioned games. Naturally, there’s no guarantee, but launch day map tools is the right foot to step from.

Looking ahead:

Releasing a shooter in a saturated market doesn’t make things any easier on Rekoil. But considering the continued success of a game like CS, which pretty much sits alone in the niche shooting realm, there’s hope and ample space for another core sharp shooter. After all, more games is always better.

Rekoil is slated to release later this year for $14.99 on XBLA and Steam. Public beta coming soon.

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