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Rejoice for 'Our Florida Reefs'

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The Florida Reefs are getting some much needed attention this summer and far beyond 2014. With the release of the 'Our Florida Reefs' campaign, May of 2014 marked the month that public service announcements are rallying to increase greater awareness from the local community with the announcements being seen throughout Southeast Florida.

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What makes the campaign even more special is the recent addition to the campaign's public service announcements of a very famous diver and a true advocate for reef conservation and preservation. Philippe Cousteau Jr. is the grandson of the legendary ocean activist, Jacques Cousteau. The Cousteau family has been extremely passionate about our sacred oceans for as long as I can remember. Not too long ago,when Philippe was on a diving expedition near a coral reef off the coast of Miami filming a television show about ocean exploration for FOX, he was overjoyed and extremely impressed by the state of the Florida reefs.

“It was wonderful to see such a healthy and thriving staghorn reef right offshore of Miami’s developed coastline,” Cousteau said. “I was very impressed with the dive site, which rivaled other staghorn reefs I’ve visited. It was a great location to film the coral reef episode of this series and I was very happy to support the 'Our Florida Reefs' community planning process for southeast Florida coral reefs by recording a PSA.”

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative, have united to make this campaign entirely possible. "We are thrilled to have Philippe Cousteau lend his voice to the 'Our Florida Reefs' campaign,” said Jamie Monty, DEP Coral Reef Conservation program manager. “It was also an honor for him to use a DEP vessel as a platform to visit a thriving staghorn coral reef with partners from the Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative."

The 'Our Florida Reefs' campaign will only serve to further reinforce the importance of saving our coral reefs as the public service announcements will continue to be seen through 2016. Philippe Cousteau joins Guy Harvey, Wanda Myles of National Public Radio in Miami, a local captain, a fisherman, dive-shop owner, school teacher and professional kite boarder. These are all individuals like you and me who care about our Florida reefs.

If we are going to enjoy the natural beauty of South Florida, we should all appreciate and rally to save 'Our Florida Reefs.'