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Regarding Occupy McDonald's wage increase demand

Occupy McDonalds Fast Food
Public Domain, Occupy

Recently the headlines have been filled with demands from fast food employees for wage increases. In loose affiliation with the Occupy Movement, these employees have demanded wage increases nearly double their current wages.

As an adherent to Natural Law, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, this writer supports their right to request/demand such an increase. Yet, as an adherent to free markets, this writer’s initial impression was that this segment of the free market cannot sustain a doubling in the wages of fast food employees, such as demanded by McDonald’s workers and the Occupy Moment. And from this perspective this writer was on the verge of dismissing this exercise in free market forces as a moot point.

The Usual Suspects

However, upon deeper reflection this writer has developed a new perspective on these wage demand developments. To facilitate his point, this writer has delayed writing this analysis article to allow major media to trot out the status quo usual suspects: Evil, duplicitous business vs. the naïve, downtrodden labor force. In trotting out the usual suspects, major media helps sustain and reinforce the status quo. Said status quo being the false left/right 2 major political party paradigm. And now, with major media committed to its storyline, this writer will reveal the truth the 2 major parties and major media tries so hard to hide and bury.

As this writer’s regular readers are aware, this writer often assesses issues from original perspectives, refusing to be locked into the false left/right political paradigm and traditional 2 major political party dogma. This is one of those articles that will shatter most American’s false left/right perception of reality. In so doing, it is this writer’s hope that this allows WE THE PEOPLE to further advance our peaceful revolution to restore Natural Law, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and retake our country while restoring true free markets and fundamental economic fairness.

What is fair?

Can we agree that in this, the greatest nation in earth, our policies should be reflect an intention that all hard working, dependable, rank and file Americans who work for hourly wages generally should not see an erosion in their standard of living. (Unless of course, non machinated market forces are the cause. For instance, industries in decline. As examples, buggy whip makers and, more recently, traditional photography processors.) This writer takes the position that the demand for the products of the fast food industry is not in decline.

With that premise, let us assess the Purchasing power of the dollar verses wage increases for fast food workers from 2002 to 2012.

From 2002 to 2012 the purchasing power of the US Dollar decreased 27.6 percent. (

Establishing the amount of wage increases for McDonalds workers during this same period of time is not as easily done. (Much thanks to the Monticello, MN Public Library) First, the Bureau of Labor Statistics resists giving up these numbers. To be sure, they point to some complicated tables that would take weeks to find the data within, and then make the calculations to arrive at these numbers for some occupations. But, as near as this writer can tell, they do not specifically track the fast food industry in terms of labor. The nearest this writer could come was Mean Annual Wages for fast food cooks from 2002 to 2012. (However, this writer believes that the increase in fast food cook wages will roughly approximate the wage increases for all fast food hourly laborers)

In 2002 the mean annual wage for fast food cooks was $14,930.00

In 2012 the mean annual wage for fast food cooks was $18,780.00

This was an increase of 25.79 percent

These numbers represent a decrease in purchasing power for fast food cooks of 1.81 percent (Almost 2%) over 10 years. When individuals are already at or near subsistence level, 2% isn’t giving up your annual travel vacation. At these wage levels 2% is giving up, for example, a gallon of milk each week that your children should have.

Clearly, the standard of living for America’s fast food cooks has declined by almost by 2% in the 10 years from 2002 to 2012. Clearly, wages did not increase enough for employees to maintain their standard of living. The question is whether or not this decrease in purchasing power was the result of non-machinated free market forces or the result of the amoral, unethical and/or unlawful machinations?

Now it would be easy to jump into that false left/right 2 party dogma paradigm and declare US business (for our purposes McDonald’s) the bad guys and McDonald’s employees as the victims, and proceed to vote in the next election accordingly. But is McDonald’s really the consummate bad guy in this free market play?

While this writer is not going to try to place the mantle of Sainthood upon the founder’s, owners, managers and shareholder’s of McDonald’s neither does this writer believe these just identified folks bear the majority of the responsibility for the declining standard of living of McDonald’s hourly wage employees.

Let us begin with this empirical observation and fundamental premise:

All Value Comes From Labor!

If the hole isn’t dug, the bricks aren’t laid, the plumbing isn’t plumbed, the wiring isn’t installed, the wheat is not sown, the cows are not fed, the product is not delivered, the burgers are not fried, and the fries are not salted; the founders, owners and shareholders of McDonald’s have nothing and get nothing. It is that simple. All value comes from labor.

In our society, the US dollar is the form and measure of value. And McDonald’s founders, owners & shareholders use the value they receive in the form of dollars to pay their employees, pay their vendors, pay their taxes and what is left over is theirs to keep.

In a true free market system, the founders, owners, shareholders and investors in McDonald’s are entitled to their profit. Why? Because they hazarded the risk of beginning the business, they are entitled to the reward. While McDonald’s is now clearly profitable, when first founded it could have just as likely failed as succeeded. Before the age of dubious bank bailouts, in the event of financial failure the founder’s of McDonalds (any business) would have lost their investment in time and money, period.

The reward of profit is the incentive for entrepreneurs to take risks. And those that hazard the risk are entitled to the rewards of success. [For those of you who refuse to free yourselves from the false left/right 2 party dogma and believe the founders of McDonalds are not entitled to their profit this writer puts the following to you… “How happy would you be if you did not have a job because the founder’s of McDonalds never hazarded the risk of starting the McDonald’s franchise?”]

Taking Value from Labor

Before we go further, this writer asks you McDonald’s employees and/or other fast food employees to pull out your last paycheck (electronic payment statement) and take a look at it. Look at the gross amount and look at the actual amount of your check.

You employer is not stealing the difference from your gross and net paycheck from you. Your employer is being forced into the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Your employer is being forced to be a tax collector. In this manner, your government diverts the scorn from taking value your labor produced from government to your employer. Nevertheless your government still gets to take some of the value your labor produced.

Your government knows that if you were forced to write an actual check to the government, you would be far more scrutinizing of where that money went and resentful of the elected officials who took that value from you. And now you have a basic understanding of the types of smoke and mirrors your government uses to take from you a portion of the value your labor produces.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Did you know that when this country was founded, far fewer sources of income were considered income for the purposes of taxation? At the founding of this country, in most instances your wages that you receive for your labors at McDonalds would not have been considered taxable by the Federal government. And ask your employer how much that they are forced to deduct for the government, they then have to match. You don't even know about some of YOUR MONEY that you make instead gets paid directly to the government by your employer.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

This article is going to show you how people who produce little and/or no value somehow have taken value from all of us who produce value through our labor.

Privately owned Federal Reserve System Bank

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Our current central bank was established by the Federal Reserve System act of 1913 under Progressive President Woodrow Wilson. The stated purpose for authorizing the current iteration of the central bank known as the Federal Reserve System was to stabilize our economy and monetary system.

How have they done? Stock Market Crash 1929, Great Depression of the 1930s, Stagflation of the 1970s, Real Estate and Stock Market Crash of 2008, 2nd Great Depression of 2008 to 2013 and continuing and growing rolls of persons on food stamps, etc. This writer’s assessment is that the FED has sucked at achieving its goal of stabilizing the US economy and monetary system. Even as you read this, Russia and China are pushing proposals to replace the US Dollar as the World Reserve Currency because the FED has so badly mismanaged it. (You need to ask someone else how bad the replacement of the US Dollar as the World Reserve Currency would affect your Standard of Living – It would take too long and distract from the thrust of this article)

$25 billion per year

Now, for this extremely poor alleged attempt by the FED to stabilize the US economy and monetary system, WE THE PEOPLE pay the private owners of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank $25 Billion per year as a return on their initial capitalization of the bank in 1913. (Take a moment to pause and think about that $25 billion dollars per year that you pay the FED. Between Congress, the President, the VP, the Supreme Court and the Cabinet about 540 people run the USA. The FED can afford to give each of them a $1 million per year and still have more than $24.4 billion per year left over. Do you think the FED has the power to corrupt the USA political system? Do you think our Congress acts in the best interest of WE THE PEOPLE or the FED?)

And the private owners (and their operatives) of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank will shoot back, “But all the profits of the FED over the $25 billion per year are returned to the US Treasury”.

Expense Accounting

Let’s do some quick education about simplified accounting:

Profits = Gross Revenue - Expenses.

So if a private owner of the privately owned FEDeral Reserve Bank gets a company car, it is an expense.

If the private owner of the privately owned FEDeral Reserve Bank needs to travel on something called FED business, it’s an expense.

If an employee of the FEDeral reserve bank takes a Congressperson out to lunch, it’s an expense.

If a private owner of the privately owned FEDeral Reserve bank can manage to get the condo payment for his mistress deemed an expense, it’s an expense.

If a private owner of the privately owned FEDeral Reserve bank can manage to get a congressman’s mistress’s condo deemed an expense, it is expensed.

The same goes for drinks, gifts, travel junkets, booze, strippers, hookers and anything else the private owners of the privately owned FED might want for themselves or think might work to LOBBY a Congressperson to vote in the best Interests of the FED on any forthcoming legislation.

And so, not only do the private owners of the privately owned FEDeral Reserve Bank get $25 billion per year they also get all the money they can figure out a way to expense before giving any profits to the US Treasury. This is one of the reasons the privately owned US FEDeral Reserve Bank refuses to allow itself to be audited.

Where does all that value that the FED has at its disposal come from?

Neither a Congressperson nor a private owner of the FED produce any value (or very little). All value only comes from actual labor. And since they produce no value, any increase in value they come to have control of must come from the labor of others. This writer has just told you 2 ways the private owners of the privately owned FED get some of the value that your labor produces. Accounting entries moving money from Gross Revenue of the FED to the private accounts of the private owners of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, and Accounting entries moving money from Gross Revenue of the FED to be used to pay for services and products which the private owners of the privately owned FED authorize to be paid. (Since the FED refuses to be audited, there is no way to know if the items it expenses are legitimate expenses or not)

And this writer will tell you more ways (and believes that there are still other methods that are just too convoluted to fully understand and explain)

The Important realizations you should come to, come from simple, empirical evidence.

  1. All value only comes from labor;
  2. Congressfolks produce no value;
  3. The private owners of the privately owned FEDeral Reserve Bank produce very little or no value;
  4. Any increased value Congressfolks and the private owners have, they nonetheless must have been taken from the value produced by the labors of rank and file Americans;
  5. Therefore, illegally or legally, morally or amorally, visibly or clandestinely somehow Congressfolks and the private owners of the privately owned FEDeral Reserve Bank are taking value created by rank and file Americans from rank and file Americans;

$9 Trillion missing and no criminal charges and no one fired (video)

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

The Scam that is Quantitative Easing (QEIII)

As we speak, the privately owned FEDeral Reserve Bank has been printing $80 billion dollars of worthless money every month and dumping it into the markets and our economy.

Remember that value in the USA is measured in dollars. (This writer bets that none of his readers who are magicians can top this next magic trick of the FED). The dollar used to be back by specie; primarily gold and silver. (But President Roosevelt in the 1930’s and President Nixon in 1972 unconstitutionally took us off the gold standard.)

So what backs the US Dollar now? The US Dollar is now back by the full faith and credit of the USA. After several iterations of logic, the full faith and credit comes to equal;

  1. The Value of all USA land;
  2. The value of all the natural resources on that land;
  3. The value of all the improvements on that land;
  4. And, the net present value of the future revenue stream of the USA. (What would someone pay now in return for receiving all the future value produced by the USA?)

This is a big number, but nonetheless, a finite number.

Now think of the value that this big number represents as a pizza.

If the pizza is cut into 4 pieces and you get 1 slice for the value of the labor you produced, the value of your labor has been established as one slice.

But what if the person who cut the pizza says, “Wait a minute, I need your slice back but I will give it back shortly”.

This person reassembles the pizza and cuts it into 8 equal pieces and then gives you one slice. You protest that your slice is smaller and not as valuable. But the person cutting the pizza insists, “A slice is a slice”. (After a fist fight, you and the pizza cutter come to terms)

A generation later, a new pizza cutter wants to change the pizza for unit of labor exchange rate. But he has read accounts what happened the last time this was attempted. This time the pizza cutter asks for the pizza slice back from your children (who you forgot to tell about the first pizza scam).

This time the pizza cutter again increases the number of slices in the pizza from 4 to eight, but before giving it back he stretches it out so the 3 sides appear the same (but the crust is thinner and the toppings are sparser). Trusting the Pizza cutter, your children are fooled by the thinner, more sparsely topped slice.

To continue our analogy, Congress & the FED are the Pizza Cutters; except they don’t have to ask for your slice of pizza back to reduce its value. They are just printing $80 billion worthless dollars every month. The dollars you are getting paid in appear to remain the same size, but since the full faith and credit of the USA is a finite number, the value of each new dollar they print must get its value from stealing a little value from each dollar already in existence. Yes, that is right the dollar you made last week is thinner, has fewer toppings and less value. It necessarily must be because a portion of it went to create the value of the $80 billion new dollars the FED printed this month.

Think of it as a retroactive wage cut courtesy of Congress and the private owners of the privately owned FEDeral Reserve Bank. But instead of the government calling it a devaluation of the dollar, this portion of the decline of the purchasing power of the dollar, is lumped in with other factors and called inflation. Why don’t you write to your Congressperson and ask them if this is true. (And ask them when they are going to audit the FED.)

Any increase in value that a Congressperson or a private owner of the privately owned FEDeral Reserve Bank realizes each year can only come from the value produced by rank and file Americans. The only question is if they have acquired it in a legal and/or ethical manner.

Only Congress has the Authority to Print our Money

The following hustle by Congress and the private owners of the privately owned FEDeral Reserve Bank is far more convoluted than this writer can explain to you briefly. What follows is a gross over-simplification of one more way the FED and Congress collude to illegally, amorally and, in violation of Natural Law, conspire to steal value from you.

Only Congress has the authority to print our money.

New money printed by the Bureau of Engraving and coined by the US Mint is delivered to the Federal Reserve Bank. There it is used to either replace worn out currency or expand the money supply. And there is the where this scam to take value produced by the labor of rank and file Americans begins. To expand our money supply, some or all of the money to expand the money supply must be “bought back” from the privately owned FED with interest bearing bonds commonly known as Treasury Bills (T-Bills).

Hopefully, the question that has popped into your mind is, “Why does our Government, the representatives of WE THE PEOPLE, have to give the private owners of the privately owned FED bonds which require payment of interest to get WE THE PEOPLE’s money back from the FED?

Good question, “Why don’t you ask your elected officials?” You know; Congress, The Supreme Court, The President and the Vice President? Worse, these transactions create a debt that WE THE PEOPLE can never pay off. (We are not even going to try the explain the smoke and mirrors of accounting entries made via fractional reserve banking)

To demonstrate the T-bill hustle, let’s start out with this dramatically over-simplified demonstration.

Let’s say its 1913 and Congress wants the entire money supply of the USA to be 100 dollars.

And let’s say that we are going to give the privately owned FED T-Bills bearing 5% interest with a 1 year maturity(T-Bills normally have 5 to 20 year maturities and interest rates vary somewhat wildly over time)…

After 1 year, “How much do WE THE PEOPLE owe the privately owned FED? “

If you said, “$105”, you are correct.

But how are you going to repay that $105? You only have $100 in the entire money supply. And presumably, you want to leave at least some money, in the money supply.

For the sake of making a point, lets have you use the entire money supply to pay the private FED for the T-Bill issued a year ago. You still only have $100. Where are you going to get the other $5?

The answer is the FED is going to have to print more money which you have to give them more T-Bills for in order to pay off the previous obligations to the privately owned FED.

This creates a debt which WE THE PEOPLE can never pay off.

Paying this debt requires value, which only comes from labor, to be transferred to the privately owned FEDeral Reserve Bank. The FED then transfers a portion of this value from your labor directly into the accounts of its private owners and/or is transferred to pay expenses for goods and/or services that its private owners approve.

Why the Federal Reserve Bank is unconstitutional and must end.

How is this situation anything less than evil? Why do you elected officials allow this evil situation to continue? Could it be that our elected officials are getting a piece of the action? Do you think it is possible that your elected officials turn a blind eye to the theft of a portion of the value produced by your labor, in exchange for kickbacks or some other consideration?

Congressional Insider Trading

In November of 2011, CBS uncharacteristically bravely exposed the Congressional Insider Trading Scandal.

Last year, in 2012, Congress passed a bill prohibiting Congressional Insider Trading. At the last minute, Eric Cantor of the right half of the 1 and only 1 ruling class pretending to be 2 major political parties, had provisions restricting the wives and other relatives of Congressfolks from participating in Insider Trading.

But even that was too restrictive for Congressfolks. This past April 2013, Congress voted to essentially gut and repeal the Congressional Insider Trading Bill. (One of the alleged reasons this bill was repealed is that bribes paid in the form of insider trading tips are so much harder to discover than direct cash payment bribes & campaign contributions and enable campaign contribution limits to be circumvented)

Insider Trading is illegal to everyone but Congressfolks. Insider Trading is when a person has “inside information” about a company or industry, etc. (unknown to the general public) and makes a stock trade based on said information. Congressional Insider Trading is when Congressfolks and their friends, relatives and contributors make insider trades not only based on information they hear but on information they create or participate in creating. Change the rules of the stock exchange, change corporate tax rates, arrange for a judge to throw out a huge case against a corporation, etc. (Think Al Gore and the Pollution Credit Exchange, Dick Cheney and Halliburton, or the Clintons and the Healthcare Industry, Saving and Loan Crisis and Cattle Futures

With financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, options, futures and derivatives; it does not matter whether a market goes up or down, it only matters that a market moves and you know the direction the market is going to move.

Now lets go back to our fundamental empirical evidence.

  1. All Value Comes from labor.
  2. Depending on whom you believe between 2007 & 2012 there was a $24 Trillion to $45.1 Trillion wealth transfer stemming from the stock market crash, real estate crash and the bank bailouts.
  3. The primary recipients of this wealth transfer were persons with insider knowledge of these markets and events. Congress, their relatives, their friends and their campaign contributors. (Did you, your parents, or your friends receive a significant portion of that wealth transfer?)
  4. We can deduce from the empirical evidence that the majority of this wealth transfer went from those who did not have insider knowledge to those that did have Insider Trading Knowledge. In other words, $24 Trillion to $45.1 Trillion was transferred from rank and file Americans to Congressfolks, their families and friends and their campaign contributors.
  5. That is $80,000 to $150,000 of value from labor for every man woman and child in America. (Now subtract out the number of Americans under the age of 18)

What did you get in return for your $80,000 to $150,000 of value from your labor that you gave up? [And for you folks under 18 (or under 30) a bigger surprise awaits you as these (can’t use that language here) elected officials have financed most of this calamity so your generation will have it dumped in your laps.

Government Inefficiency, waste, fraud and kickbacks

Since all value comes from labor, all Government inefficiency, waste, fraud, bribes, campaign contributions and kickbacks must be paid with value created by the labor of rank and file Americans. (Simple empirical evidence)

Elected officials don’t care about inefficiency in Government because it’s not the value of their labors that must be used to pay for it; it is the value of our labors that is used to pay for it.

Elected officials and bureaucrats take bribes (campaign contributions – A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet – Shakespeare) to look the other way when big business rips off consumers. In effect, in exchange for a bribe, elected officials and government bureaucrats allow value, which is only created by labor, to be stolen.

Based on what this writer has exposed as the lack of ethics and morality of your elected officials, do you have any doubt that questionable medicine gets approved because someone slip elected officials and/or government bureaucrats a few extra dollars or a insider tip? How about tainted human food products? Do you have some doubt that elected officials that would allow the rip off that is the FED and Congressional Insider Trading continue to exist, would let tainted food in your supermarket for the right insider tip or cold hard cash? How about vaccines for your baby? How is it that most of us know where the drugs are but the police and the judicial system can’t find them?

Follow the money and the lack of ethics and morality of your elected officials and government Apparatchiks. They are accepting value of labor taken from you to add insult to injury by acting against your best interests.

Taxes and User Fees Everywhere

To be sure, there are some taxes that we all must pay to allow government to perform its authorized functions. However, especially at the Federal Level, Government has gone far beyond the functions authorized by the Constitution. And, in addition to expanding the scope of Government itself, the waste, fraud and inefficiency Government has permitted, has caused it to approve so many new taxes, that it has had to start invoking the term “User Fees” to minimize opposition.

Legitimate functions of government now must be financed with user fees, etc because too much revenue (value from your labor) has been siphoned off by waste, fraud and inefficiency.

Examples are;

  1. The Minnesota Judiciary. Here in Minnesota, after paying the filing fee, our legislature has us paying $100 or more to bring a motion in court and $8 or more per page to get copies of court documents;
  2. Conditional use permits to use your own property;
  3. Forced Disposal of perfectly good vehicle license plates after 7 years;
  4. Seatbelt fines to fund Emergency Responders;
  5. Taxes on unemployment benefits;
  6. And who knows what those 4-5 taxes on your mobile phone bill actually go towards?

How much waste, fraud and inefficiency in government is there? How much has the taxes WE THE PEOPLE pay increased (taking away a growing portion of the value created by our labor?

  • 2002 Total Direct Federal, State and Local Tax Revenue -> $3299.2 Billion
  • 2012 Total Direct Federal, State and Local Tax Revenue -> $5118.5 Billion
  • The percent increase in Government Tax Revenue (which must come from the value of labor produced by rank and file Americans) is -> 51.2 percent

And with that, this writer poses to the folks of Occupy McDonald's, from 2002 to 2012 did McDonald's take more of the value of your labor or did your government?

But don’t you dare ask your Government to explain where that money is going.

Through the miracle of the internet, each of us can look at our own personal bank accounts on the internet. But ask your local governments to post their finances (which are supposed to be public record) on the internet and prepare for duplicity and/or unconstitutional/illegal punishment and reprisal.

For duplicity, you will get allegations that they do post their financial information on the internet. But when you finally find the location, you will see columns of huge aggregate amounts. Huge aggregate amounts that you could hide a ton of waste, fraud and inefficiency in.

“The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it.” – John Hay (1872)

This writer has experienced retaliation arising from asking such questions. As a result, this writer has experienced the more than doubling of his property taxes in five years, deprivation of services and actual attempts by government to end his life.

Is McDonald's the bad guy?

When McDonald’s was first being established, our country had a truer free market system. As we have pointed out, your government has forced McDonald's (and all businesses) to act as tax collector without compensation. And McDonald's is forced to comply to avoid punishment and remain in business.

Major media and the one and only one ruling class pretending to be two major political parties, spin the truth into a false left/right 2 party political paradigm: Rich vs the poor, business vs wage earners, Republicans vs Democrats.

Major media would have you believe that McDonald's (and most businesses) are the willing accomplices to the victimization of wage earners. The truth is more complicated than that. We have demonstrated that McDonald's and all business are coerced into being government’s tax collector.

But most corporations are like most individuals. Some go along because the status quo is profitable to them. And some go along with the status quo to avoid the punishments and consequences for challenging the status quo. And, still others don’t know that the perspective of reality that the 1 and only 1 ruling class pretending to be 2 major parties has painted for them is a lie.

Only the founders, owners and shareholders of McDonald's can tell you whether its tolerance of the current inequitable status quo is the result of its allegiance to the perpetrators of the status quo, the result of fearing the consequences of challenging the status quo or some mixture of the two. But for most businesses, the answer to that question is not as straight-forward as many of you would like to believe.

Where does all this leave rank and file Americans?

With the complicity of Major Media, the one ruling class pretending to be 2 major political parties, has successfully divided and conquered rank and file America. They have wrongfully convinced the left half of WE THE PEOPLE that the right half of WE THE PEOPLE have wrongfully victimized them. They have wrongfully convinced the Right half of WE THE PEOPLE, that the left half of WE THE PEOPLE are a bunch of slackers.

And Major Media and the one and only one ruling class have distracted almost all of rank and file Americans from their shenanigans which wrongly separate all rank and file Americans from a large portion of the value created by their labor.

Center-left and Center-Right Americans, this writer asks you to realize that the source of economic disparity in America is your very own elected officials and the Federal Reserve Bank.

TEA Party folks, are you going to vote for Republicans just because they say they represent your best interests? How many times have Republican (and Democrat) leaders flatly ignored the party platform? Does the TEA Party not realize that an equal percentage value of their own labors is taken under the status quo in the manner this writer has just described? You just don’t notice it because you are only forced to make less noticeable changes to accommodate the loss of purchasing power.

Whereas TEA Party folks might have to take a shorter vacation to a nearer location, Occupy folks might be forced to choose between the electric bill and the gas bill? Are not Property Rights a fundamental tenant of Natural Law and Conservatism? It is not just the property rights of fast food employees and occupy folks that are being trampled…. It is your property rights too. And not just by the incumbents of the Democrat Party, but also the incumbents of the Republican Party. Are you true patriots, or are you sheople?

And for those who are devoted to their religion, but do not confront this injustice of the amoral, unethical and/or illegal taking of property (value that labor creates) from others because you have sufficient income to absorb and tolerate this injustice, “Does not your religious faith compel you to not aid, abet and/or permit injustice perpetrated against the less fortunate?" The next time you attend religious services, ask your God or worship leader, “Is it a sin for me to allow, and/or turn a blind eye to, injustice against others less fortunate because I am comfortable with my standard of living and/or afraid of the consequences of confronting the agents of this injustice?” (Don’t think you aid or abet this injustice? Incumbent politicians created or permit this injustice to continue; Do you vote for incumbents?)

Congress, the President, the Vice President, the Supreme Court, the Cabinet and the private owners of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank are all aware of the amoral, unethical, illegal and/or Natural Law violating taking of value that only labor creates. And these elected officials allow it to continue.

This insidious means of taking value created by the labor of rank and file Americans does not discern between liberals and conservatives.

The true battle in America is not Democrat vs Republican, Left vs. Right, White vs. Color, Christian vs. Non-Christian, educated vs. uneducated:

The true battle is WE THE PEOPLE vs. the corrupt, duplicitous, incumbent ruling class pretending to be two major political parties.

And that having been said, there are only three kinds of incumbent politicians and judges:

  1. Those who are evil;
  2. Those who follow those that are evil;
  3. Those who are too afraid, too selfish or too ineffective to resist those who are evil?

With the knowledge that has been imparted to you by this writer, why would you ever vote for an incumbent politician ever again, regardless of party affiliation?

Every Incumbent has either permitted(s), or has been ineffective in stopping, this theft of value which only is produced by the labor of WE THE PEOLPLE.

Occupiers, this writer believes your purposes and goals will be better served by voting out all incumbents rather on focusing on striking against your employers.

What say you?

Those were my thoughts.

In Closing:

Thank you, my fellow citizens, for taking your valuable time to read and reflect upon what is written here.

If what is written here rings true to you, perhaps another helpful exercise would be to ponder why you have not heard about this in your local paper or in the major media. [You may find articles about issues from this writer's local area posted in your area and wonder why. The reason is this: Remember those travel junkets taxpayers pay for (the ones the bureaucrats skip to go to the beach or the casino) but allegedly used for training? Well some government apparatchiks actually attend those training seminars. And learn nationally en-mass techniques to "manage" WE THE PEOPLE. Since they all receive similar training in oppression, it is likely the problems you are experiencing with government in your area are similar to the problems in your area (unless you live outside the USA). With that commonality in mind, it is this writer's intent that insight garnered from this writer articles about his local issues can be used by the reader to understand and applied to their local issues.]

Please join with me in mutually pledging to each other and our fellow citizens our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to our mutual endeavors of restoring liberty and economic opportunity to WE THE PEOPLE as our Founding Fathers envisioned and intended. [Last Paragraph, Declaration of Independence ]

This article is written with the same intentions as Thomas Paine I seek no leadership role. I seek only to help the American People find their own way using their own “Common Sense”

Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

In Liberty,Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot
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Term Limits #TermLimit

Justice in Minnesota #JIM

Critical Thinking Notice - This author advises you as no politician would dare. Exercise Critical Thinking ( in determining the truthfulness of anything you read or hear. Do not passively accept nor believe anything anyone tells you, including this author... unless and until you verify it yourself with sources you trust and could actively defend your perspective to anyone who might debate you to the contrary of your perspective

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