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Recap: Billboard Music Awards 2014 makes history

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The Billboard Music Awards aired live Sunday night from the Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel, making history with star-studded performances. The entire show was glamourous to the max, but today's buzz continues to highlight a handful of the biggest stories like the new hologram technologies used for the Michael Jackson performance, Justin Timberlake's multiple wins, and Jennifer Lopez being the first woman to make history.

Timberlake was the biggest winner of the night, receiving a whopping 7 awards, including top artist, top male artist, and top Billboard 200. Currently JT is on tour but gave a thank you skit via video. While he was giving thanks to everyone, he voiced his dislike about racism, and thanked everyone, “I wanna thank everybody on earth, everybody on earth, …except, except Donald Sterling, I don’t wanna.” JT was totally “Justified”.

But the buzz continues two days later about Michael Jackson’s highly anticipated and phenomenal debut that took place, thanks to new high-tech hologram works. Not only did this debut bring the audience and fans to tears, it's also kept social media comments rolling in. The talked about performance worked with Jackson’s choreographers and it looked incredible. If you didn’t watch the live show, the hologram performance video is one to watch. Some social media polls show a percentage of folks thought the hologram performance was weird, but if you’re a Jackson fan, it’ll give you goose-bumps!

The night continued to be a jaw-dropping show for sure, and one that brought an emotional high for Jennifer Lopez, who by the way looked fabulous in her one piece, open shoulder, black suit performing “One Love”. The singer was on cloud nine as she gave her inspiring acceptance speech, making history as the first woman to receive the Icon Award.

Lopez thanked so many who helped her along the way, but one thing she talked about was aiming for big dreams, “all you little ones sitting on the living room floor watching the TV right now, just like I use to do when I was back in the Bronx. Have faith, dream big, think big, and know that anything is possible, you never know where you might end up.”

The 2014 Billboard Music Awards winners not only made history, and brought the pinnacle of performances and speeches, but the show captured the most viewership among young adults, ever. Talk about one for the books; BBMA’s never fail to amaze.



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