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Reaction to student's fantasy dinosaur-shooting shows zero tolerance insanity

The lesson learned: Fantasize about shooting this, watch all the teachers and administrators soil themselves and get a visit from armed authoritarians.
The lesson learned: Fantasize about shooting this, watch all the teachers and administrators soil themselves and get a visit from armed authoritarians.
Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

A 16-year-old student’s arrest had nothing to do with writing about shooting a neighbor’s pet dinosaur, Summerville, S.C. Police insist, but rather with the student’s negative reaction to being disciplined, searched and suspended, Fox News reported Sunday.

“They said [Freshman Alex Stone] was charged with disorderly conduct when he became disruptive after school officials confronted him about what he wrote,” the report explains.

In other words, Stone attempted to comply with a stupid assignment where his class was “told to write a Facebook-like update about themselves in a few sentences.” He responded by writing about shooting his neighbor’s pet dinosaur. Pretty tame stuff by comparative social media standards. Pretty tame stuff by popular culture.

What’s truly disorderly and disruptive is the hive insect overreaction to that, and doing anything more than laughing it off, and maybe using it to springboard into another discussion, one I’ve brought up a few times on The War on Guns blog, asking readers “What would you use on a T-Rex?

Instead, “school official confronted him.”

If some idiot “confronted” me for that, reported me to authorities and subjected me to a mandatory search, I’d feel like blowing my top, too. Expecting a 16-year-old to react moderately to that kind of anal Prozi harassment is hardly realistic.

But these people mean to control. And the captive young inmates must be taught their place in the institution.

It all goes back to insane “zero tolerance” policies we see kids getting into trouble for all the time, from biting a Pop Tart into a gun shape, to drawing a stick figure gun, to having a gun photo on a laptop or a gun-shaped piece of paper, or wearing an “offensive” t-shirt and even pointing a finger, as well as having a toy gun. And the addition of bubbles to the mix actually got one five-year-old branded a “terrorist threat.”

This is nothing short of child abuse under color of authority.

None of the rules apply, of course, if you’re a good little Bloombergjugend, embracing the forced disarmament of your parents and countrymen. If you are, you can come up with all the violent gun imagery you like -- and even be rewarded for it with tax plunder. And small world, this contest to see who is the most brainwashed took place in South Carolina, too.

Somebody put something in the water down there in the land of Francis Marion?

This is all a pretty far cry from the days before mass school shootings, when guns could be part of a child’s well-rounded education -- even in Chicago.

The dinosaur-brained official response is but the latest in a long and increasingly absurd campaign against nothing short of knowledge being waged by “educators,” and that word is in quotation marks for a reason. As we’ve demonstrated time and again, with “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day.


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