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Ravaged goes free-to-play this weekend with Apocalyptic Free Weekend

2Dawn Games

2Dawn Games has announced this afternoon that they will be holding a free, region-based Apocalyptic event for Ravaged not unlike the previous Apocalyptic New Year 8v8 event, spanning from this Saturday to Sunday. The tournament will consist of a bevy of pick-up games, with 8 players on each team playing the Capture the Resources mode. Each round will last 15 minutes and will be played on the Canyon, Chasm, Dustbowl, and Bridge maps.

Players will be awarded one point per match won for both days, and the players who have racked up the most points for each server at the end will participate in Grand Finale Sunday. The finale will include finalists from North America and Europe and pit them against each other in one round each on the NA and European servers. The winners at the end of the tourney will receive the grand prize of 8x G400 game mouses and extra Ravaged game keys.

Players interested in participating should sign up on the Games Event Group page and join Teamspeak 3. Instructions for the event will be given in the event lobby, and the event will begin once enough players have been gathered and assigned a server.

The event times are as follows:

Saturday, Jan. 7 server schedule:

  • Round 1- 10AM PST/19:00 CET
  • Round 2- 10:30AM PST/19:30 CET
  • Round 3- 11AM PST/20:00 CET
  • Round 4- 11:30AM PST/20:30 CET
  • Round 5- 12:00PM PST/21:00 CET
  • Round 6- 12:30PM PST/21:30 CET
  • Round 7- 1PM PST/22:00 CET

Sunday, Jan. 8 server schedule

  • Round 8- 10AM PST/19:00 CET
  • Round 9- 10:30AM PST/19:30 CET
  • Round 10- 11AM PST/20:00 CET
  • Round 11- 11:30AM PST/20:30 CET
  • Round 12- 12PM PST/21:00 CET
  • Grand Finale- 12:30 PM PST/21:30 CET

Ravaged will also be free-to-play beyond the Apocalyptic event, from Jan. 10 - 14.

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