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Rare historical gaming items, jersey of game ref Walter Day going up for auction

The iconic jersey of Walter Day is among the rare gaming items in the IVGAH's first auction
The iconic jersey of Walter Day is among the rare gaming items in the IVGAH's first auction

A new auction website dedicated to items of historical significance to the world of video gaming is set to start it's first series of auctions.

On Friday, Dec. 7, The International Video Game Auction House, the project of 1980s gaming champion Ben Gold, released the catalog for it's first auction series. Among the items up for grabs in the first series of auctions are some rare promotional items for games such as Centipede and films such as the King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, an Atari testing unit, a neon sign from the Aladdin's Castle arcade chain and the jersey of longtime "video game referee" Walter Day of Twin Galaxies fame.

"While there are already auction sites that focus on the buying and selling of video games and cartridges, there is no other site like this one which is dedicated to hobbyists who collect relics, memorabilia and artifacts that commemorate the history of the worldwide video game culture," the website says. "As a pioneer in the video game collecting field, this Auction House will feature choice, unique and rare items that tell the story of the video game age, from the design and development of history's greatest video games to important milestones in the growth of gaming as an established sport."

Unlike sites such as and eBay, the IVGAH website will run it's auctions on specific dates, similar to a live auction house. The first series of items will become open for bidding on Saturday, Dec. 8 at 9 p.m Central and will run until the same time on Saturday, Dec. 15.

A .pdf of the full first auction catalog can be found by clicking here. The full IVGAH website, where people can now sign up to bid on these items can be found at


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