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Randy Pitchford rewards ‘Borderlands 2’ fans with golden keys yet again

Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2
Gearbox Software

For the second day in a row, Randy Pitchford has today given out a batch of SHiFT Codes for use in “Borderlands 2” that will give players a free golden key in the game. The new codes handed out on Sunday; guarantee fans to receive a rare piece of loot inside the co-op shooter. Earlier this week Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software, had said that the developer would try to get several SHiFT Codes out this weekend so gamers could have them waiting for when the game’s level-cap is increased this coming Tuesday.

Borderlands 2
Gearbox Software

SHiFT Codes provide players with a golden key which they may use to open up a rare chest inside “Borderlands 2.” Since the equipment given from the chest is level appropriate, fans of the game can choose to hold off on using their golden keys until they reach the new level-cap of 61 after Tuesday’s title update. This would assure they get the highest level loot possible. Today’s round of SHiFT codes for each system are below.

  • Xbox 360: C3CB3-FRHRR-JB9TR-W6TJB-CK3JF

Borderlands 2” is out now on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC/Mac. New DLC releases for the game on April 2 that adds a new playthrough and increases the level-cap from 50 to 61.

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