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Randy Pitchford, of 'Borderlands 2' fame, says sales aren’t everything

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Randy Pitchford today stated that sales figures aren’t the only thing the developer is looking for after some fans debated whether or not “Borderlands” was Gearbox Software’s only successful franchise following the recent controversy surrounding “Aliens: Colonial Marines.” The President of Gearbox Software said:

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Sales are nice, but we exist to gratify and entertain and we always learn something when we fail to impress some customers.

So it doesn’t matter to Randy Pitchford as much whether “Aliens: Colonial Marines” is financially successful or not or exactly how much money “Borderlands 2” has raked in, the developer claims to regard player satisfaction to also be an important goal of their creations. The Gearbox Software President has also said many times before that the only thing they can do when fans are upset is learn from the mistake and move forward.

Randy Pitchford is President of Gearbox Software, the developers behind the recent releases of “Borderlands 2” and “Aliens: Colonial Marines” which are out now for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. “Borderlands 2” also features several DLC add-ons that are currently available for download.