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Radio announcers joke about abuse and killing of Chihuahuas

Sienna is one of nearly 100 Chihuahuas and hundreds more animals available for adoption at Los Angeles Animal Services
Sienna is one of nearly 100 Chihuahuas and hundreds more animals available for adoption at Los Angeles Animal Services
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by Katerina Lorenzatos Makris ~

Referring to a recent news story about a man allegedly caught on a gruesome video in the act of deliberately running over his own Chihuahua, two KFI-AM radio announcers said that the killing might have been justified. A third announcer went on to describe ways in which he himself might abuse or kill dogs.

The remarks were made earlier this month on a segment of “Handel on the News,” during which the host and his “Morning Crew” associates frequently joke about current events.

To this reporter’s understanding based on recognition of the voices, three announcers were involved in the conversation about suspect Michael David Parker, who was arrested last week on animal cruelty charges related to the death of his five-year-old dog Cow Cow.

Bill Handel is an attorney who typically hosts “Handel on the News” as well as another KFI-AM show, “Handel on the Law,” both produced in Los Angeles.

The following is a paraphrased account of the on-air conversation, based on this reporter’s best understanding from listening to the show, and from notes made immediately afterward. [An audio podcast of the July 7 “Handel on the News” segment that was available on the KFI-AM website does not include all of the conversation heard on the air by this reporter on the air.]

DISCUSSION ON KFI-AM REGARDING ABUSE AND KILLING OF DOGS (paraphrased and transcribed from reporter’s notes)

Announcer #1: Did the surveillance video show whether or not the dog had rolled his eyes at the guy? That could be a defense.

Announcer #2: Do you need a defense if it’s a Chihuahua?

After a brief discussion during which Announcer #2 said that he had done pet sitting for a Chihuahua named Princess Grace Kelly belonging to show producer Michelle Kube, Announcer #1 noted that he had never done pet sitting for that dog. He said that if he had, he might have played baseball with the dog, the dog might have gone swimming, and the dog might have ended up in a freezer.

The audio segment of the show available on the KFI-AM website includes a remark by someone who might have been a third announcer. He asked, “Is it a mitigating circumstance that it was a Chihuahua?”

Announcer #2 replied, “Yes it may be. He [the defendant in the Chihuahua killing case] has also had some domestic issues recently. I think he and his wife split up. I don’t know if it was his dog or her dog.”

In further banter the announcers remarked that it was a good thing producer Michelle Kube was not present. Then they agreed that she was bound to find out about their conversation regarding dogs because listeners tend to contact her to let her know when they say such things on the air.

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